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annh Feb 2019
braided reflections
midsummer intertwining
flying to the sun
Still in aeroplane mode...mellow. :)
Conor Letham Jul 2015
We own a pond;
mottled bluebottle,
flecked in freckles
when the sunlight
skims the surface
between the moss.

I dip a finger inside
and stir. A nebula
swills, swirling like
a whisk of spilt oil
from a water spot
sometimes found
underneath a car.

My fist plunges in,
embalming a gulp;
moss bandages
around the orb that,
withdrawing in drips,
I see a new world
set alight upon it.
Patina: noun
1. a film or incrustation, usually green, produced by oxidation on the surface of old bronze and often esteemed as being of ornamental value.

2. a similar film or colouring appearing gradually on some other substance.

3. a surface calcification of implements, usually indicating great age.
Miu Rishu May 2015
Painted glass windows, sequined tapestries
Rainbow coloured dreams drowned, in
Monochrome miseries.

The women wait and weep, a phalanx overcome by grief
Squinting through their candle-light visions,
Understood by misunderstood legions.

Fastigium Ataxia,
She cries in pain,
Rotating consciousness through the colourless rain.

A patina of grief wailed above the room as
The woman let out her final cry,
A martyr in their eyes.

Skinship visible through lonely cracks in subfusc walls
The infamous neighborhood remained vacant that night
The family lost a member that night.

A paegn concerto,
(Someone lost a shoe)
The women hung their heads in grief
(Somewhere bloomed a new leaf).
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
Stepping on the corpses of all you've known
trekking through the field of bones
the sirens sing, green angels with broken wings
like a  desolate future, in need of suture
I see a patina on everything, rustic brains
you can always find some sign of life
for there is always life within something
rose still exist among the filth and ****
there will always be beauty in the lies
and in the truths that flow through our mouths
J A M Aug 2014
You will want to come back one day
Like the crashing of a waterfall
Hard yet soft at the same time
With variations in light
Swirling, reflecting off the water

You will want to come back one day
Like a butterfly on a journey
Flying high, steadfast
Silhouetted by sunlight at dusk
Elegantly shinning

You will want to come back one day
Like a trees search for light
Extending it's branches directionally
Frantic to find the missing sun

You came back one day
Patina beautiful, aged gracefully
Like the floors in our home
Beautifully antiqued like our lives

— The End —