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Saint Audrey Jan 24
Off the edge
We took from another life
Seeing Your
face is a cold reprise

Thinning down
collapsed against the wall
Our shared sense
Of being lost again

We only run
Once there's nowhere left to hide
Lin Dec 2018
Darling , you know, you know
The tears inside me burns like fire
Though I promised you not to cry
Even though you've told me to be myself
Although you don't understand how difficult things are

Though I am strong
I've walked through a thousand forests in darkness
And I am still standing up

I gave up everything for you

My darling, my darling, I want to hold you and stroke through your soft hair
While you stab me with the knife a thousand times in my heart
Darling, I'll do everything for you

My life is so pathetic and complicated
But I'll continue to smile on the outside
While the tears and grief eats up my insides

Darling, my lovely, darling, I'm yours forever
Just a poem I wrote about being in an abusive relationship and still loving the person even if you should just leave.
Jewel M C Dec 2018
when things work out perfectly,
it's always too good to be true,
my destiny was to be unlucky
& **** up everything i do,
no matter how hard i try,
i always do something wrong,
over my shoulder
people are watching,
telling me
i can't do anything at all
so what the **** is the point
of everything,
if fate says
i'm capable of nothing...
ab Oct 2018
i realized i missed the wind
the moment the cold hit my lips

i've been fantasizing nightly
about head against chest
heartbeats keeping time with
the chirping of cicadas outside

i'm not used to missing hipbones
and legs intertwined
and a hand behind my knee

but as far as you're concerned

my weight in your lap,
one hand in my hair
and the other on my hip

very close
(i miss being very close)
your exhale and my inhale
and vice versa
i crave close

i don't know who i am anymore
~oof i just wanna make out with somebody okay?
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018

With faith, You said,
You could help to
Address the problem

On getting colder
You have to write
Note on sudden death

Who is to blame?
Sins of ancient rites?
The last breath?

Behind the Bars
All shouting at you
All pointing at you
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: Pathetic
Amanda Sep 2018
Love is like a rose?
I would have to disagree,
What of endless love?
For him, and him for she?

Too soon roses die,
Wilt, wither, and fade away,
True unceasing love despite
The climate will stay.

What of thorns, danger near?
Love rises up and conquers all,
While petals slowly drift to the ground
One by one quietly fall.

Petty roses cannot compare,
To beauty of two hearts
No matter how far away
Never stop beating or grow apart.

Soft red color is dull in comparison
To a lover's sheepish blush
Jumping out against pale skin,
Vivid, vital, vibrant blood-rush.

If love is like a rose
A pathetic world this be,
Flowers don't stand a chance
When put to shame by we.
Inspired by one of Shakespeares sonnets beginning "May I compare thee to a Summer's day?"
Blade Maiden Sep 2018
I'm guilty
I'm always guilty
it bugs me, won't leave me alone
"you're filthy, empty
only filled with things you collected
over there, in anothers life
you're all things neglected
hell, you're not worth the dive"

Shut up! Just be quiet.
Only once. Give me some bliss.
I am the one who decided
I'm fine with how it is.
Why can't you be my ally instead?
What is driving you so mad?

Yes, I feel pathetic.
Are you happy now?
Won't we make this sound more poetic?
The least we can do is put on a show.
Is this all I can do?
Always fighting this stupid me and you

I'm happy, can't you see?
My eyes cry out to make you believe.
I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy,
why don't you let me be?
A little bit futile,
in the eyes of my own judge
Quite a bit volatile,
and how it still all feels like a little bit too much

I know what I'm supposed to do
I know no stranger should feel like hope
I know I alone need to come through
I know there's no red rope
nothing that ties my floating pieces together
scattered for far too long,
underneath a bright and broken moon, forever
singing some beautiful and lonely song

I recognize.
I understand.
But I can't be changed.
I won't ever be changed.
Always feel estranged,
countless thoughts deranged
in the picture you see, so beautifully arranged.
Dreamer Sep 2018
lately my mind stops me
when i’m happy
to tell me the things
that bring me happiness
either make me pathetic
or should be something else
but what’s really pathetic
is how i can’t let myself
be happy
Maybe it’s pathetic but it’s nice to pretend they’re my friends
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