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Fridge Jul 2016
I  will sing,
For all the quiet and everyone that is blind,

I will live,
To shout in front and not be mute behind,

And If I die,
remember everything I heard and see,
remember most of all,
with youth by my side,
That I died free
Part 1 of 9.

Perennial - Long lasting
Aron Jan 2016
Was it worthy?

Was it satisfying?

To break someone's
heart, mind & soul
in process of
finding or achieving
the true love
you've always
dreamed of?
Series of questions that I've asked myself.
Part 1 (1-5-16)
troglodyte Sep 2015
My aged mother has warned me about things -
things every mother tell their blossoming daughters.
Do not lie, she always says,
her eyes hard, her lips thin,
her forehead wrinkled from her furrowed brow,
a look I will never forget-
a look that says “I know theses things for a reason.”

I never listened closely to her words
until I met Him.
I find out everything, she threatens.
Growing up, she never let me
stay at my friend’s who had older brothers.
It was foreign to me, to grow up that way,
so I grew to resent those rules.
So I picked up the habit of lying.

I wish I would’ve held onto her words.
It became an everyday thing,
to lie about where I was going.
Her parent’s are coming to get me,
I would say before I would walk
to the house that ruined me.
It wasn’t her house.

After all these years of my mother’s
warnings and words,
I found out what she meant.
That day, on His couch, I understood.
Although she never truly said it,
I knew she was right.

I grasped at those words,
I remember my trembling hands
itching at them -
they are fire in my throat,
I could not breathe until I freed myself,
but being free took too long,
that I thought if I would spend another minute,
another second - I would pass out.
Growing paler, the flame that kissed my mouth
shot from my lips,
and there laid the heavy words
my mother never said.

Something inside me in killing me,
it feels like an abundance of knives are stabbing me,
while something in gnawing, devouring my insides.
How cold were those unfamiliar hands,
I could not feel them on my body. I could not

feel. All those distractions were for a reason.
I wanted to feel loved.
I found love in the darkest places. The darkest

was His house. It was broad daylight.
He promised to never hurt, to never make it uncomfortable.
I was uncomfortable before I arrived.
The couch was lifeless, but His hands were not, no-
His hands were alive against my ailing skin.
I was not alive. I think

I had died. My whole body felt lamented.
His hands tore at expensive fabric,
His hands clutched at juvenile underwear.
Nothing in between these white walls
had color except the red
of my wrists after he grabbed me.

I didn’t find love there.
I did not find love anywhere.
I found a child forced to grow,
to learn her mistakes. She had to

leave the last years of childhood,
to a man who did not want her,
but her growing body.
She had to pick herself back up.
She still sees Him everyday. He

smiles. He’s not a man. He smiles.
And I will never forget him.
And I will never forget him.
And I will never forget him,
and he hasn’t forgotten me.
Shaine Fraz May 2015
Circo nips on the go, the road
no mortgage or roof on the mobile home
Making music with the wind, her curls
I watch it --picture frame the moment with my hands on canvas memories and dreams are sandwiched no lettuce but the tank lets us cruise with these 6 figure fantasies worry free courtesy a day dream
Or déjà vu if I could choose, and I chose
We choose to break the rules so what's on ya mind? pulled into a rest stop indecent crimes with a box full of promises tucked in my pocket
Just know that it will surface but to you I'm not worth it
Just don't cosign the lies that they tell don't sign the doted line or give me that bill --it's all premature don't treat it all like a stillborn
Still on fact I see once every 6 months
I figured I was important figured that she could wait now contemplating extortion, how can ways of the selfish out weigh what's important
Cue curtains, hands off canvas

A silent mourn prior to another portrait, she spoke:
"take my body if the last supper"
Pardon myself from my favorite flavor no savoring the savior who can't even save herself or society.
© 2015 by S Fraz All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of S Fraz
Peanut Jul 2015
I will miss the days when
You count from one to ten
As you kiss me now and then
And repeat it again and again

You used to poke my face
And gently bite my ear
As you whisper "wake up my dear"
"Breakfast is ready, Let's eat it here"
Oh! what joy must I feel

I shall never forget
That you treat me like a princess
As you bought me this necklace

It's Priceless!

                                    I'm Speechless!

                                                   ­           But I will treasure it with greatness

But the one thing I love the most
Is when our cat Penny came to post
You gave her to me, for me to host
I shall forever cherish her, from coast to coast

(You meanie! You know that I love cats!)
(Would you take care of her for me?)
(Remember to feed her twice a day, and clean her water dish every week, She doesn't like moldy water dish)
( I Love You Penny!, please take care of daddy for me :* )
I actually cried when I wrote these, I hope you guys like it :)
BoF May 2015
You have a freckle above your lips,
that I've been dying to kiss .

I live for the moments when you say my name,
your voice is a melody  that I replay.

On the days we cannot meet,
I have visions of you in my sleep.

You can say I'm a little obsessed,
for this I must confess
your love is simply the best.

Levi Kips May 2015
The silence, is apart of me
The silence, approves me
The silence, is extremely deadly
So stay away from me, when I'm holding a machete
The silence it kills
The silence makes me feel
The silence is neither here nor there but the silence is everywhere
Theirs no escaping the silence
Really their's no escaping myself
No matter what anybody say the silence is always within myself.
post break up sh*t, words by Slam Richmond
Madeline Frosh Jan 2015
I am physically and emotionally alone
Not only am I situated where the water
     cannot meet the land and the trees do not
          bowl and bend to the seducing of the
But you are not here to hold my hand
Your arms do not embrace my chest cavity
     and scream for pleasure in return
I am limp and loose
My body tightens when I hear  noises that
     faintly resemble you
And I feel my heart break at the cracking
     of each passing hour
I understand it's been awhile since we've
     made love on the grass where the strands
          gently touch each open fiber of our bodies
But God I would love a second chance to
     bring you to abandonment with me
And show you how lovely being alone can
(Jan 12, 7:58 pm)
Madeline Frosh Jan 2015
I am alone in my thoughts
And the only thing I can hear is the
     creaking of the world around me
Not from human existence
But from the old entirety of it all
The walls creek from the bustling wind
In rhythm with the white sound traversing
     across the floor to my feet and up to my
I can almost recognize a smell of musk
One that you once wore when you were
     present in my life
(Jan 12, 7:58 pm)
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