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irises 7d
the stars were pale dots in the sky
so faraway

and in this corner of this star's surrounding dust
was a girl in love.

such an indescribable feeling
she wondered if the other tiny dust around those faraway stars
also felt the same.
irises Apr 16
doesn't it seem today
that the air blows
a different way?

almost telling me that
today is not yesterday ~
times change, so will us all
irises Mar 26
It’s you
It’s always been you
In the ever changing universe

You’re the only constant thing
Like nature gave you a purpose on this earth...
Always been always will
irises Feb 25
you are my
beautiful paradise.

when everything else in the world
feels so ******* wrong.

when the world comes crashing down
and I have to look strong

I know I don't have to in front of you.
irises Feb 13
on the eve of the day of love
i wonder why we need one

when we should be loving each other everyday...
irises Feb 11
i fall in love so

like the night is sure to come
i too will fall like the sun

into the cold embrace of

the night.
of him.
irises Feb 6
we were so far no ruler could measure
exactly how far our hearts and minds were from one another.
interpret this as you will.
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