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irises May 2020
There are those
Glowing red and yellow lights from the back of cars at night
That sets an ambience of retrospect

An ambience best experienced in the company of happiness-
And perhaps the bass of a heavy song to fill you up to the brim
But not overflow...

The world will go silent because nothing else matters
For just a short while
and everything will go slow except for time...

Nothing can seem horrid as you see happiness surround the air
Floating like waves throughout your hair
As you hum to an unfamiliar tune
Of a beginning unknown

And a destination unseen.

You think for a moment,
Ah, in this life, these moments must be what is
truly infinite

tucking the surroundings into your star-pockets
that you can look at when you are more jaded with time

remembering that at this one time
You were infinite
because that's just what young people do.
i miss those late nights the most
irises Mar 2020
a person coming
is a tremendous thing

for not only do they bear gifts
but also secrets

ones they'd rather keep away in a locked broom closet;
because making excuses is easier than true

and so when that person comes
you must treat them tremendously

because we all have things we'd like to keep dark.
irises Feb 2020
Sometimes the vast window opens
But forgiving

Knowing everyone else does it too
Empathy for the shared shadow of all else who
Desperately fell

There is a dusty harmony
A musty and dark air
Tainted with the protruding strength of her infinite suns

And they all can hardly breathe
As her flowers suffocate them
Because they were trying for her
Not them.

She wondered whether the beginning was all a trap,
Covered in the illusion that true light was outlandish,
Leaving her in the dark.
up for interpretation
irises Jan 2020
i'm waiting
for the day i finally feel alive

for the day where the sun feels like it was something
meant for me.

and that the water flows in part because
i am on this earth too.

that for once
i feel this ripple effect of humanity.
irises Dec 2019
Remember it was never about the end
And it was always about the beginning

Never how far from the finish
But always how far you came
persevere, my dear
irises Nov 2019
you are a thing that rolls with the seas
slowly undulating through the white sea foam on the stormy tide
wondering when you too can sparkle
like the clarity you see reflected in the horizon at sunset-

but the foam while unclear
contains thousands of little bubbles-

tiny pockets of air that help me breathe.
irises Nov 2019
they say before you die
a slideshow of your life appears before your very eye
until it fades into whiteness...

if i could touch my memory of
all that i lived for
oh death does not seem so much a fright.

even for a second
i can relive all the love and hope
that is characterized as human

oh how i hope it is true
so i can make sure one last time it was all real.
or even if it wasn't

i can smile at this sweet dream that i call my own.
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