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Petra Oct 2022
Her world revolves in such a different circle from mine.

The key to life is healing and creating. It's harder to do the hard things, for creating is more difficult than destroying. But most times the hard things bring better things.

That's what my mother wanted me to know.
Petra Jul 2022
These are our bodies.
Our bodies are whole.
Our bodies are queer.
Our bodies are disabled.
Our bodies are trans.
Our bodies are beautiful.
Our bodies are sacred and
Our bodies are so much more.
Our bodies are ours.

Now, our bodies are regulated.
Our bodies are controlled.
Our bodies are governed.
Our bodies are despised.
Our bodies are demonized and dismissed.
They are objectified.
Our bodies are not ours.

All the little children who will grow up thinking this is okay.
All the people who have been demonized by society,
Already clobbered over the head by oppression and
Stripped naked of their humanness, who were
Further stripped of their dignity and power this morning.
It’s dismembering the spirit.
Petra Jun 2022
I will never let you see me unedited.

I always want to put makeup on before anybody sees me.
I never let anybody read my unedited poetry.
I am terrified you will see who I am and dislike it.
I will make sure to package myself neatly into a box,
Perfectly ready for shipping and taped up nicely
Until I suffocate from the plastic wrapping.

I won't ever stop.
Petra Jun 2022
Sugar is sweet,
but it stings the back of your throat
if you eat too much of it.
Petra Jun 2022
I want to breathe,
break Earth open,
seize it’s captivators that hold it
trapped in an encapsulating spider’s web.
We are stuck in the muck and we can’t get out!
Once you crack Earth open,
steam will rise like roses
reborn from its center.

The core is shaking,
vibrating my mind inside
the skull that aches.
A time bomb usually
runs out of seconds.

When will release come?
Feel the decay, don’t fuel it.
Nature corrodes everything,
that’s part of why I’m screaming
because the time when it is reborn
seems hidden from my reach.
Petra Jun 2022
Dear human,
I want you to view me in a light
that you are not wise enough to see.
Your eyes have not aged enough
to identify the particular hues I consist of.
I am a spectrum of majestic experiences.
I attempt to recognize the fullness of humans,
beautiful and difficult, for all that they are.
You could never do this as I do.

The difference is stunningly stark.
A rainbow on one side, yet
darkness on the other.
Your irises are too monochromic-
not enough color in them.
I feel we gain colors as we
experience; as we learn.

You simply lack in that area, my dear.
I wish you didn’t.
Petra Jun 2022
We are validation seeking suckers
Who are too blinded by fog
To see that we must validate
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