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Love is the currency of life

Without it 'living' becomes 'existing'
and anything of value (real or perceived)

Becomes worthless and meaningless
Written: August 16, 2018

All rights reserved.
Blah blah Aug 2017
I had a bestfriend.
She used to keep my sercets.
She used to be my constant.
And one day,
Depression took her place.
Lets not assign it any title. Let it be five phrases joined together to describe the current phase I'm living in.
Arcassin B Dec 2016
by Arcassin Burnham

Leave it to you to put the pieces in sequential order
going from length to length in hopes that you could
make it right,
Leave it to you to find a solution in every situation
even though the beautiful truth will never see the
weights that i lift and faces i kiss when its necessary
to give in and let people in and i always get hurt,

i created a thought in my head that in life problems you
have always been there, but I've never had that type of
experience to belong in this world,

Let me be and I'll give you a friendship
you couldn't have asked,

definition of a disappointment , life loves to make you
feel like an outcast.
Arcassin B Aug 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

No education and nothing to fall back on,
Use to love the feeling of 10% off coupons,
Still betrayed after being the realist friend ever,
But not until I got caught up in all of my endeavors,
Guilty pleasures , broken feather,
I can't fly to save my life in any direction I tethered,
I was always the outcast,
Everywhere I went was a nightmare,
Barely any support if it would last,
Still I pull the plug on any moments of the past,
They think I'm gonna fail in this house of horrors,
I honestly thought I wouldn't make it this far,
The more I wait , I gravel and just get more poorer,
The complications come from other people not my Sunday's best.


You have my heart,
But you don't know it yet,
Use to love me
Now your just a silhouette,

I stay away from you,
for the time being,
I'm stuck in a virtue
that I kept secret,

I use to make you laugh,
and now you downgraded,
that was bad on my behalf,
when we were separated,

I try not to feel,
remembering you,
like sketches in my mind,
kissing you,
I cried with you,
try to forget me if you want to.
Everyone in the world tries to be different
So isn't that what makes us all the same?
Your all that I think about
When I close my eyes you're all that I see
Why do I love you so much?
You are the best beans anyone could ever ask for.
so yeah this one goes out to all those beans
Down                                 stairs. No
           the                    the                     one
                 stairs.   Up                                   really
                                                          ­                         cares.
I don't even know
I wake up, Beans
I eat breakfast, Beans
I go to school, Beans
I go home, Beans
I eat dinner, Beans
I go to sleep, Beans
What do I dream about?
I don't know why I love beans so much
Beans are people too!
They are just like me and you.
so this happened
lol I have no life
what's wrong with that
there's no strife.
no life? No problem!
having no life is pretty awesome.
Lol this is myfirst poem
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