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RN Dec 2017
God is always above us all
Nurturing our heart and soul
Help us when we do fall
Gave us the greatest gift of all

I know it happened for a reason
Maybe its part of His decision
Maybe He gives you to me as my mission
Challenge accepted, will finish this soon

You’re religious, so am I
This is what i feel, i can’t lie
C’mon baby, lets fly so high
God will guide us, He owns the sky
love with god
Kooky Collages May 2017
I don't want to feel this anymore-
That emptiness I felt as I walked out your door.
You were so kind when telling me to go.
Trying to make it less of a blow.
I know you meant well, but I'm two steps ahead.
I knew this would happen the second I layed in your bed.
I'm empty-
I'm crying-
And I don't know why.
It's not like we even really said goodbye.
"I'll see you tomorrow!", you assured.
But my heart still sank; I felt insecure.
With shoulders slumped, I moped out the door.
I'm a fool for even thinking we'd be more-
Than something you needed-
Than something you tried-
For a second there, I made you feel alive.
Until you were bored and sent me away.
I get it, you still love me, but in a different kind of way.
J Jan 2017
I got to thinking about how you never think about me,
not once in eleven months or during our anniversary week,
does it make me weak to wonder where we'd be by now?
My throat would still ache from yelling and you'd still be down about how you're stuck in the city with no way out,
but it's funny how fast a year went by and that I still wonder if I cross your mind
when I know I don't,
I just can't accept that I was never more than a lesson to you,
one you never internalized.
Anne Kho Aug 2016
Do you love me
       Or do you not?
You told me once,
        But I forgot.
Down                                 stairs. No
           the                    the                     one
                 stairs.   Up                                   really
                                                          ­                         cares.
I don't even know
just a girl Aug 2014
but oh...
how can you miss someone
you never actually met?
this is beacuse i miss my long distance boyfriend so much
and basically we never actually met...
asmall Mar 2014
"I wanted you to fight for me"
because you never did.
You faught more
for the last cookie
then you ever did for me.
So, while you ran
free and weak,
someone else had been fighting for me
getting stronger,
slowly stealing my heart.
And when my heart was finally taken,
you decide to fight,
but you were
too late and too fragile.
He took you out in one hit.
and all I can say is,
"I wanted you to fight for me."
-i wanted you to fight for me // a.s.

— The End —