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Rylie Lucas Apr 2019
I sit in silence
Unseen and unheard
The world flowing around me
Like water, a blur
An earthquake shakes me
Down to my core
No one else feels this
I start to shake more
My body a vibration
The world a constant mountain
As I shake people don't notice
Of course not, they're too focused
Anxiety is no joke
Yet society sees it as one
It can be caused by anything
Or anyone
So stop with the plexiglass
Stop forming the barriers
Break the glass, step through the other side
Instead of saying "you're fine", your words a rapier
rapier: (n) a straight sword with a narrow blade and two edges
plexiglass: (n) a light transparent weather resistant thermoplastic

In case you didn't know what those words are :)
Madeline Rangel May 2018
Don’t judge me for my mistakes or actions.
I am still trying to absorb all the knowledge and wisdom I can.
I’m not perfect, nor do I care. I crushed others feeling, lied, manipulated, deceived and disappointed others.
I am young, stupid, and reckless.
I want it all. I want the attention and recognition. I would do anything to get it. I will **** my way up to the top if I have to.
I’ll keep marching on like a broken robot. I’ll be fake until I make it. I’ll follow these rules to get what I want. I will stab others in the back to get ahead.
In the end of day no one will be there by your side. Get ahead and don’t look behind. No one matters and deep down no really cares.
Vaishnav Gautam Sep 2015
Give or take In this game of life,
The shackles of pain, the love in knife,
Stick to the whites-you may,
Ah! The moon And the games it play!
Shining, deceiving, it'll wait for you,
No one waits, oh! You **** fool,
No one shows up they turn their backs,
You thought they'd care, didnt you, you lack-
The twisted way In which the life plays.
This game is lost, you have no way,
You sit here watch the life drown you,
You thought someone would show up, now didn't you?
Whites-the positiveness and such..
You Weren’t There When I Took My First Steps.

When I First    Talked,    When        I    First      Blew     Out The

Candle On My First Birthday Cake. When I

Made My First Mistake. You   Weren’t there

To Help Me Fix It. You Weren’t There To See Me

Grow. How I Wish You Had Seen

My First Milestones. Now I Am

Old And Grown, You Still Aren’t

Here To See My Milestones. See

Me Get Married, Or Celebrate My

Birthday. Now I Am Dead And

Gone, You Weren’t At My Funeral,

You Didn’t Say Goodbye How I

Wish You Had Seen All Of My

Here Is A Poem For The People Who Had Milestones Missed.
Down                                 stairs. No
           the                    the                     one
                 stairs.   Up                                   really
                                                          ­                         cares.
I don't even know
Sarah Kay Feb 2015
You're screaming
But they'll never hear
You're crying
Conquered by fear
Now you're bleeding
And they couldn't care less
As you fade into this mess
Pleading please, please not today
But there's nothing you can say.
Because now you're on your own,
Oh so far away from home,
Forever all alone.
Ottar Dec 2014
Pen and paper,
sensual for some,
words sure,
where were you,
when is what was too
oh words, oh words,
how do you form
the shape of my
unkissed lips,
we have missed
our time
our chance to
nakedness of
face to face,
you are more than;
a muse to me,
a fantasy,
a touch screen away,
but it is a lie,

past due
what are you doing
in 2016?
lips are numb,
must be drunk
writing free,
rhyme or prose,
do it all,
Even with ugly toes,
verse is free, heart
rock solid,
life is *****,
when write is wrong.

If flight of fancy brings me near,
to perfect prose, may we meet,,
it is way past due...
You have no idea.
for those who read this before complete, I beg do forgive me, working on my tablet in transparency...
Lianna Walters Dec 2014
I scream and I shout and I jump up and down
But no one cares to listen
I cry and I beg and I plea with the crowd
But no one cares to listen
Am I invisible? Is everyone deaf?
Or does no one care to listen?
Are people blind? Am I dead?
Or does no one care to listen?
I want someone to notice me, to say that it’s okay
To wipe away the tears, show me that the world’s not grey.
Just have someone be there, always night and day-
But sadly, no one cares to listen.
Can someone, anyone hear my cry?
If no one does, I think I might die
I’m running out of tears to cry
But no one cares to listen
No one cares to listen
No one cares.
~Julianna Walters
Niyah Norton Nov 2014
You know?
I don't want to feel bad for myself.
I wanna be happy.
And you're stopping that.
So I'm letting you go.
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