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Lisa Conway Mar 23
Thank you to all our wonderful emergency services
For all the wonderful things you do
From the small kindnesses that you do each day
to the largest life saving procedure
Without you all we'd be lost
From the call handlers on the phone
To the frontline police and paramedics
To A&E Doctors and Nurses
Our GP's and their staff
To our ward nurses, cleaning team and others
We are so lucky to have you all
Caring for us in our time of need

So from me to you quite simply

Bring to me your broken down
Your rattling and cracked
Send me all your fractured hearts
The pains; the sprains and smarts

Deliver to me your wounded
Your tortured mentally alone
Pass to me your elderly infirm
The babies born before their term

Rush to me your weak of will
Your dependant; addicted and lost
Blow to me those down on their knees
The drunk. Morose. Self-inflicted injuries

Laugh with me at human things
Your odd accidents and stories
Triage with me as I tend the wound
Make you better than the you I found

Present to me your desperate
Your shattered and your morbid
Breathe with me as surgery makes well
Exhale! On my skill your fate befell

Lay on me your one in three
Your canker’d and your wretched
Move to me those at end of time
When curtain falls on final pantomime

Please bear with me when times get hard
When I slip up and make odd mistake
Pray for me at seventy. No dotage; still I strive
So proud to play my part in keeping you alive

Raise thanks with me for visionary
My creator; father Aneurin Bevan
Have patience with me when I seem slow
Many patients to see in daily ebb and flow.

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)
In honour of our National Health Service (NHS) in it's 70th year.
Locum doc
won’t prescribe me what I want.
Euthanasia and/or a personality transplant.
A stiff drink and a fat joint.
My baby back from the dead
in our favourite restaurant.
Locum doc, gimme what you got,
whatever the latest cutting-edge medical science
can do for a self-absorbed ****.
Because I’m stumped, I must admit:
I recently quit my millionth spliff,
yet upon a paranoid moon, still I live
with inner monologue so bitter,
my brain’s been hacked by a tweeting ******.
And when the liquor turns Twitler off,
next door’s parrot is a prophet of God.
Apparrotly, Jesus thinks I’m a ****.
So, locum doc, it’s a bit ad hoc,
but will you be my focal point?
Don’t be a total ****, locum doc;
gimme me some vallies and I’ll be off.
Locum doc, let’s be friends
- what do ya mean you won't gimme the tens?
God save the Queen,
and **** the NHS.
***** the poor,
revere the wealthy.
Business is good;
the population; unhealthy.
Your  life's duty to the nation;
Work, spend and copulation.

With currency the cutlery,
to carve the nation up.
We have no choice but to
sip  the poison sup.
Turn weak on weak,
Anger from frustration.
In the cold cold heat of
the cruelty of this nation.

******* the Queen,
and save the NHS.
Give the wealth,
to one and all.
Heed this call;
what we need today.
Is to take back power;
so we can give it away!
Nico Reznick Mar 2016
"Compassionate Conservatism"
"friendly fire":
Euphemistic oxymorons
capable of
destroying hospitals.
Rob Kingston Feb 2016
Perplexed by the lack of emotion
This service once the fight of the nation
Little thought now that war was won
Little thought to who receives the funds

One nation is what was told
All services were once ours to hold
Now the deeds of greedy done
The profits to them shall become

The needy the poor will rot in the gutter
Whilst a city is built like no other
Care not for the want or needs
The delinquency has sown its seeds

No blankets in a harsh winter
No shelter for the wars that splinter
Gone the door where free could roam
Pay your dues again or face the laws at your home

Do not whinge nor whine
Your lapse behavior sees you fine
When its you that seeks their wares
You will find a cost too much to bare

When your cut or wound lays rotting
Reflect your moment of desertion
Remember this the choice was yours
You chose to watch as they dismantled
The Nations Health service and Closed the doors.
Rob Kingston Feb 2016
They swallow another piece of spiel
From a government who likes to deal
Not for the sake of humanity
Not for the sake of sanity
All for their bigoted view
So as business sits clearly on a higher pew.

A visit to the doctor this day
An offer of division on display
No direction to an internal source
Instead an offer to undermine our health care’s course.

How many are blind to this cause
A wrenching feeling cause’s pause
Not for the sake for changes sake
More for the knowing this course is fake

Those of ignorant stand
Who take the pill of this disband
Will hopefully live to see the day
When their ill judgement sees their heads in hands of dismay

So here we are this devilish deed in swing
No cause or desire for sweet birds to sing
The sombre day is almost here
When for your life's graft you will pay dear
No freedom to draw from taxes paid
Your last breath lies with the decision you made.
Don't* know how to get through this
It's just so hard.
Loosing our family home
Our inheritance
Father ..
Don't know how to get through
anything anymore
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