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Gianna May 2019
I could feel you inside me
I felt your soul
I felt your love
Real heartbreak was losing you
I think about you every day
I think about how far along I would be
what gender you were
I think about what you would have looked like
What your name would have been

When I lost you I lost a part of myself
You changed me
I never realized it was possible to love anyone as much as I loved you
I just wish I could have met you
I wish I could have told you I loved you
I wish I could have held you
You will forever be in my heart
Rest In Peace
Alexa Nov 2018
Oh love
Look at that face
Looks like you are sent from above
I suddenly saw all those stars in space
Oh dear let me in
Where have you been
Never believed in angels until i saw your eyes
I only want you not any of them other guys
To you i'll be loyal
Baby i know we’ll never be royal
Diamonds and rubies are not our thing
Baby let’s keep it simple, put on that ring
But together we’re worth more than gold
Close your eyes, the world outside is cold
People talk, tries to destroy
But we got something that they don't have
My lover boy
NaNi Jun 2018
I keep hearing this idea that true love takes your breath away, but i don’t agree.
He didn’t take away anything. He was the one who reminded me to breathe when i’d forgotten how. He was the one who knew my heart better than I did & reminded it to beat when I felt irreparably broken. He gave me more than I ever hoped for, & that is a love most people will never understand & a love I will never let go. I have the person I never want to stop making memories with.
NaNi Apr 2018
So completely in love
my heart is tight in your grip
making my legs weaker & weaker
grasping for air as we escape each other
a love so strong we created peace

You’re so handsome my love .
Beinghonest Feb 2016
Whether I try to or not,
I'll keep
Out my heart to her -
Because she keeps

Puncturing it! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

With her honey-sweet words.
Umm, she triggers these things in me and I find myself telling her stuff I wouldn't tell anyone.

-just being honest
Beinghonest Feb 2016
There's this urge to say I love you
And there's this fear she'll say "I don't"...
I don't have a choice but to wait for her to say those words...

-just being honest
Beinghonest Feb 2016
I'm getting worse -
I keep falling deeper
And deeper
For her.

Everytime she opens up to me,
I sense it getting worse.
The feelings that I have for her they get stronger
Each time she shares a secret with me -
And I get the idea that we are getting more intimate.

I'm falling for her,
At an alarming rate
(and I don't think she notices)
But it's fine
As long as she is too,
Because it would be unfair of her
To leave me alone

So, I feel like I'm falling dismally for her each day - and I'm really hoping she is too, that we are going at the same speed - because it would be unfair of her to allow me to get worse when all she has to do is tell me to slow down...
(but I'll still adore her anyways :/ )

-just being honest
Beinghonest Feb 2016
Occasionally the fear of losing her to some other guy grips me,
But then she tells me things like I made her day just by saying hi and that she misses me and that gives me the idea that she loves me - even if she doesn't want to say it.

So even if she is cheating on me,
I'm fine with the lies she's feeding me then.
Beinghonest Feb 2016
Sometimes I just want you to say,
"I'm yours"
Really, I want you to say it.

Maybe you have said it,
But I'd like to hear it again
Please use "my" in front of your pet names for me,
Really, I long to hear those words -
But if it's too much that I'm asking for, I understand...

And I hope you like being mine.

I'm sorry, I sound so pathetic,
But babe, I like you a lot,
Would like you to like me a lot too...
I hope my stupid sensitivity - cries for loving words - isn't appalling to you,
I hope not, but this is how I feel :
I want you to call me yours...
Hmm, sometimes I feel weird about it, I try not to assume I'm on some high pedestal in her life - but I'd like her to tell me that I am a lot to her :3

-just being honest
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