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  May 22 Gianna
theres a law stating matter cannot be created nor destroyed
heartbreak is the same

the process of collecting hearts to mend your own is as old as time
heartbreak isn't created

just passed from person to person
i need to study for finals yikes
  May 22 Gianna
when you love someone
the falling feels like flying

but at the end of the day falling is falling
and the cold hard ground is always there
  May 22 Gianna
Ignatius Hosiana
I loved to change
I changed to love
You'll get hurt and disappointed too much
That's what you get when you care too much
When you expected too much
Gianna May 22
Now I’ll always wonder
Does he love me for me
Or does he love me for my body
Does he want to be with me
Or does he just want to sleep with me
Does he mean it when he says he loves me
Or is he telling me what I want to hear
Does he just want to see me bare
Or does he really care
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