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Mane Omsy Jan 2017
I came here first, so stay back
The words of a tyrant
I can't let you sleep on my pillow
I don't care you made it
This land is mine, I don't share
I don't help no Muslims nor no Mexicans
How could you say we're the same race?
I'm white and you is black
I've set my streams to greatness
They'll flow with blood, I know
Even though,
My strength will shake the world
I'll wreck the ships they sailed
And anchor mine safely, with no fear
He has become the worst nightmare to the good hearted humanity. The rest of the world will witness his mass cruelty.
Moji K Jun 2016
god is

but we worship
a black box
in mecca

god is

but we think
you deserve
to die

god is

but we worship
a black box
in mecca

i choose a
veil for i'm
a willing slave

we cry just like
you & i

god is

but we worship
a black box
in mecca

pierce the
wrong veil

but we are not
people behind

the cries of
my brothers

god is

but we worship
a black box
in mecca

you laugh at
a tongue twisted
around your words

but ours still
sound crass
on yours

god is

but we worship
a black box
in mecca
Joel Hayward Apr 2016
A caliph trembles at the sound of aircraft
like a dachshund beaten too much while
his pack snap and bite and **** their legs
to *** on a better world

Their state is a chewed thighbone
covered in flies yet they mint coins
in gold and silver and praise God as they
throw effeminate teenagers off rooftops

A Turkish fisherman with a large shoe
stuffs cash into a pregnant pocket
and crams frightened souls into the shoe
which sinks on the horizon like the sun

Assassins have the crescent moon
in their left hands ***** pictures
on their phones and tight vests
leaking lava

She searched for tips on eyeliner
the day she erupted as a volcano
leaving her sheer blouse to mourn
at home on the ironing board

The world has become as mad
as Napoleon in stiletto heels
cross-legged on the back
of a tortoise singing Hey Jude
(c) Copyright J S A Hayward 2016
Alan S Bailey Jan 2016
Muslim women are ejected for standing up to Donald Trump.
This is what America is made of, most support this kind of
"Mature" activity. Many have lost what little wit or decency
We know of, and are hypocrites who actually SPEAK about
What they call patience and *Universal LOVE.
MdAsadullah Dec 2015
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
*********** *****
1. When the heaven is cleft asunder.
2. And when the stars have fallen and scattered;
3. And when the seas are burst forth;
4. And when the graves are turned upside down (and they bring out their contents)
5. (Then) a person will know what he has sent forward and (what he has) left behind (of good or bad deeds) .
6. O man! What has made you careless concerning your Lord, the Most Generous?
7. Who created you, fashioned you perfectly, and gave you due proportion;
8. In whatever form He willed, He put you together.
9. Nay! But you deny the Recompense (reward for good deeds and punishment for evil deeds) .
10. But verily, over you (are appointed angels in charge of mankind) to watch you,
11. Kiraman (honourable) Katibin writing down (your deeds) ,
12. They know all that you do.
13. Verily, the Abrar (pious and righteous) will be in delight (Paradise):
14. And verily, the Fujjar (the wicked, disbelievers, sinners and evil-doers) will be in the blazing Fire (Hell) ,
15. In which they will enter, and taste its burning flame on the Day of Recompense,
16. And they (Al-Fujjar) will not be absent therefrom (i.e. will not go out from the Hell) .
17. And what will make you know what the Day of Recompense is?
18. Again, what will make you know what the Day of Recompense is?
19. (It will be) the Day when no person shall have power (to do) anything for another, and the Decision, that Day, will be (wholly) with Allah.
Maria Imran Dec 2015
I worry about you. Not the kind of you who watch stories of mass murders and social discrimination and videos of violent madmen beheading others in wars little or large; or those who stamp on people's self-respects and rights and on their simple lives, and take a bite from your burger, noisily belch, and continue with your petty lives because it doesn't make a difference.
I worry about those of you who take it in their hands. The kind of you who take it in their hands and their tongues and their blogs but bother not for once to leave their comfy chairs and go out. Those who can spew hatred so vehemently against a class or a religion or "that-group-of-madmen", and can very intelligently present us records of the number of people killed with their ages, notes and dreams. Also, the Moslem passports found just on the site, with your handwritten prescriptions of what the Moslems should do and do not, how the entire responsibility falls on them and when it does not, plus why the moderate and the extremists should both die because "you" have problems with really everything they do!
I worry about you who sit there, write books, and keep trying without really doing anything but corrupt whatever little peace we're holding onto, while we're here, *traumatized just the same.
Not poetry. But I had to write this because I read and saw something and stuff happened.
katie Nov 2015
First they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out
-I was not Muslim

Then they came for the refugees, and I did not speak out
-I was not a refugee

Then they came for me- and there was no one left to speak for me.
Asim Javid Nov 2015
I woke up this morning and my name flashed on T.V.
They said i blew up places , they said i killed masses .
Men , women & children I murdered them all.
Who am I ?
I am a muslim and i am taking this fall.
They used my name and spread the terror.
I am not them , it surely is an error.
We, muslims, are the holders of peace , we spread love.
Why am I being  represented by their false actions.
I am a person, with different notions.
World will now brand me a terrorist.
Don't judge me by their actions , I insist.
I am not them, they pilfered my name.
They inflicted libel , and my religion to defame .
I have been robbed , robbed of my name.
I am a muslim , human like you , all the same.
My name has been robbed , my identity stolen
I deprecate the terror and mourn for fallen.
There are millions like me and humanity lies in our depths.
But we are all victims of Identity Theft* ...............
We Muslims condemn  the Paris attack.
Alan S Bailey Oct 2015
Religious discrimination sells, it's all the rage!
If a Muslim wants office, we automatically get
Suspicious, some pandering to the public's fear,
Deny our own constitutional laws and values,
And never elect a Muslim whether far or near.
Valo Salo Mar 2015
You can’t be seriously religious
If you’re not stripped naked

Like the goat or the insect
Like the tree and the snake

Like an erupting volcano
Give birth to a mountain

Justice flows down the wall
You slip and fall on the law

Naked wars and naked mutilations
Naked muslims naked christians

Naked laughs and naked cries
Bare naked to the day you die.
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