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Catnip Lily Jun 2020
Travel alone in a moonless night is a bliss, for the stars lightened my journey.
Without the sun and the moon is easy, for not even a shadow could bother me.  
No noises, no judging eyes, no condemnation, just a mesmerising quietness.
Vachaspathi Jan 2020
You came to me in infinite numbers when I am aloof and lighted me up as the stars do to the moonless night.
Our amalgamation is paradise.
harlon rivers Oct 2017
Maybe it's been written
somewhere in the constitution
     of the waning moon

                                         ― When somebody loves you,
                                               you can never be lonely ―

But, appearances
  to the contrary,
the moon is sometimes blue;

counting stars alone
in a sky full of stars

is just about as lonely
as 'once in a blue moon'
                              can be ―

Like when the night is yours alone
                  or feeling alone
               in a crowded room

hearing Hank Williams moan within your silence
       "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"

                                         ― When it's hard to say
                                               you love someone,..
                                               but it's harder to say
                                               when you don't ―

                • • •

A coyote's pleading howl
breaks the silent twilight engulfing trance
cast by the dappled moonlight;
like there's some kind of lonely madness
    swallowing him whole,..

    these two hollow eyes
                 gaze out through
                                     the chilly,
                                                   Autumn air
                                                             ­    spilling
                                                                ­  in through
                                                            the open window,

                                                        ­           counting stars ― alone
                                                           ­             in a sky full of stars

                                                       ­             the crackle of the fireplace
                                                       ­            echoes, startling the silence
                                                         ­                of a feigned warmth
                                                                ­          from the other side
                                                                ­ of an otherwise hollow room

and i feel frayed as a hole in an empty pocket with nothing left to lose

the impending dark winter nights are lonesome
            and  linger longer than before ...
seeing the empty space beside me
   I remember how it really really aches to just be ...

                                                            *­lonesome as a blue moon ― *

                   ✩                        ✩                                       ­ 
                ✩                                       ✩                           
✩          ­                                                      ✩
         ­                                                                 ­                                

moonless ― rivers ... 2017

Lonesome as a Blue Moon
Written by:  h.a. rivers
Arpan Rathod Jun 2017
You will miss us
in the nights of
moonless sky.
Anna Marie May 2015
He was up late again, reading one of his many comic books, when he heard the usual scratching at the back porch. So engrossed in his title, the youth ****** from his chair and crept toward the window. A band of large masked creatures scurried off into the gloomy, moonless night. The boy thew on his coat and grabbed a flashlight and camera as he headed out onto the back porch. He glanced at one of the raccoons just as he scampered into the gigantic black berry bush below his field. The boy decided to take a closer look. He started to move toward the giant bush below his field when he suddenly tripped over something on the ground. As he across to his feet, he noticed a small door covered with branches and dirt. He brushed away the ******* and stared at the small door in the ground. With out much thought, he put his shacking hand to the handle and slowly opened the door. Hundreds of tiny stairs led their way to a huge room, miles wide and long, but only about four feet high. The room was quiet, he was about to scream when he heard the same scratching noise that was at his back porch, only this sound was louder. The boy slowly turned. His heart pounding in his chest; his body like steel iron. Then, a sudden hush goes over the whole room. He opened his eyes to meet a four foot raccoon staring at him. The animal lifted his head to the boy and whispered, "tag, your it!"
Anand Aug 2014


हमने हर दम बस तेरा साथ माँगा,
और कुछ नहीं, हाथों में बस तेरा हाथ माँगा।

मिल ना सकेंगे दोनो शायद कभी, फिर भी,
अमावस ने तन्हाई में हर रात को चाँद माँगा।


हसीन हो चली थी शाम,
कल चाँद भी कुछ जवाँ था।

आज आहिस्ता आहिस्ता ढल गई शाम
और अमावस की रात हो गई।

आसमाँ पर जैसे उसके
जुल्फों की घटा छा गई।

आज शायद, चाँद भी अपनी माशूका की बाहों में सो गया,
कहीं खो गया।



I asked for all the time, just with you,
and nothing more, but your hands in mine.

Both may never meet, however,
the dark moonless night, longed for her Moon, in loneliness.


The day turned into a lovely evening (yesterday),
and the moon looked young in his brightness.

Gently faded the evening twilight (today),
and the night was suddenly moonless.

The sky got covered with dark gloomy clouds
and the night smiled in her darkness.

Perhaps, the moon fell asleep in the arms of his beloved,
lost in love and happiness.
This poem was originally written in hindi and was further translated into english.

— The End —