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Anna Marie May 2015
He was up late again, reading one of his many comic books, when he heard the usual scratching at the back porch. So engrossed in his title, the youth ****** from his chair and crept toward the window. A band of large masked creatures scurried off into the gloomy, moonless night. The boy thew on his coat and grabbed a flashlight and camera as he headed out onto the back porch. He glanced at one of the raccoons just as he scampered into the gigantic black berry bush below his field. The boy decided to take a closer look. He started to move toward the giant bush below his field when he suddenly tripped over something on the ground. As he across to his feet, he noticed a small door covered with branches and dirt. He brushed away the ******* and stared at the small door in the ground. With out much thought, he put his shacking hand to the handle and slowly opened the door. Hundreds of tiny stairs led their way to a huge room, miles wide and long, but only about four feet high. The room was quiet, he was about to scream when he heard the same scratching noise that was at his back porch, only this sound was louder. The boy slowly turned. His heart pounding in his chest; his body like steel iron. Then, a sudden hush goes over the whole room. He opened his eyes to meet a four foot raccoon staring at him. The animal lifted his head to the boy and whispered, "tag, your it!"
Anna Marie May 2015
A bold abundance of magnificent color burst as the sun makes its way into the pail atmosphere. As I sit and watch the stunning work of art appear, I hear the wild turkey scuttle through the dry reeds. It is morning, and the animals of the forest are awakening. Looking up at the trees, I notice a great many birds soar up towards the endless ocean-blue sky. A buck and doe silently wonder through the thicket. I decide to walk back toward the house when I glance at a small gray-eared rabbit dash out of sight in to the brush. This is my backyard. My quiet, thinking place. This is where I go when all the troubles in my life are too many; or if homework is unbearable. Other times I go just because I enjoy the peace and quiet. When I walk outside each morning, I can choose to lie on the grass, or swing on an abandoned rope swing hanging from the tallest tree. As I plop myself down to unwind on the cold ground, I think of what a beautiful place this is. This is my quiet place. My own little world of nature.
Anna Marie May 2015
You're my snickerdoodle, pumpkin strudel,
You're the sauce upon my noodle,
You're prettier then a purple poodle,
You're the one I like to doodle,......on my doodle pad,...
Anna Marie May 2015
Beauty fills the air, your love I feel and it comforts me,
He who lifts my spirit, He who sets me free,
A quiet simplicity fills my heart, a voice, your voice,
You know when I am lost, and when I come home you rejoice.

With strong hands you raise me up to see the stars,
My eyes are opened as I find that you are never far,
All I need to do is look up, and pray,
Your love, forever, will guide my way.
Anna Marie Mar 2015
Dear you:
          Laugh and cry, remember to live,
          With every day that comes, love and give,
          There’s only one “you,” hope your dreams come true,
          Make those worries disappear, and know that God loves you,
          Your gonna fly, and your gonna fall,
          But that’s okay, because best of all,
          Your a person with gifts, a person with style,
          And we all make mistakes, and it can take a while,
          To realize the person within every person,
          That no matter how small, we’re all loved,
                      By our Father above.
Anna Marie Mar 2015
If you wish to be loved,
Then love a lot
If you wish to be strong,
Then never give up
If you wish to have friends,
Then be a friend
If you wish to be wise,
Then learn to be humble
If you wish to have a full life,
Then give it away
And in doing this,
You will have won it all.
I think God helped me right this because I think I learned something from it:)
Anna Marie Mar 2015
New to the town, I hopped off the bus,
I came all alone, just me and a trunk,
To a bright, new world, I looked all around,
It was a quiet town, with not even a sound,

So I settled right in and began my work,
In a small crooked shop, I became a bank clerk,
At first no one came, not even a fly,
Then one day, someone finally walked by,

“Hello,” he said, as he opened the door,
“I believe you are new, I am Edward Debore,”
I am flattered, I said, to see a new face,
You’re the first someone I’ve seen in this empty place,

He was tall, rather thin, with a nose like a pin,
On his back, I believe, he had some type of fin,
“Oooooh,” he moaned, “I am quite parched,”
Oh my, I replied, I’ve only this berry ****,

But, to my surprise, he swallowed it whole,
And with it, gulped down, my grandmother’s bowl,
Oh dear, I cried, as he burped loud and clear,
It seems you are more than “parched,” I fear,

Who are you, I asked him, what do you do,
I am a bank clerk,…oh, there’s a fly, Shoooo!
Look, there he goes, open the door,
…GULP, …Mr. Edward Debore!!

At that moment I stood there with fear in my eyes,
Mr. Edward Debore had just eaten a fly,
Another flew by and he gulped him right down,
By then my smile had turned into a frown,

I could not stand it another second,
So I snatched my umbrella and I sliced it through his stomach,
The flies were set free and so was the bowl,
For Edward Debore had gulped them down whole,

                  The End
And also the end of Edward Debore!
This was a fun one!!
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