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I see we don't want the same things anymore,
which means I should probably let go.
But you are all that has made me smile in the darkness,
but what's surrounding you is the darkness.
maybe i am that girl with mommy issues.
the girl who wants to be told what to do,
but wants to be in control all the time.
who will baby you like she never was,
but also want to be treated like a child.
the girl who will go out of her **** way to make sure you get whatever you want,
but sit here and cry when no one does the same for her.
the way she treated me will no longer affect me.
i am saying no more.
The life I want is so close and it’s at my fingertips but I'm not allowed to grab it yet and it hurts so much. I have to sit and wait for something that is right in front of me.
I have to sit and wait for other's to be ready
for the life I want.
Am I happiest with you, or am I just blinded when I am with you?
Because being away from you makes me see things.
Are they there or do I just miss you?
I feel blank without you around. I feel so empty. Before you, I felt this way all the time. A completely empty canvas, until you came along. With you I feel like the most intrinsic, colorful piece of art. I have this new sense of life when you are around. Like I want to live that tireless long life, only if you are there.
“please leave a voicemail, beep”

Hey, uh, I have missed you.
Not like Romeo did Juliet
Or like Noah did Allie,
More like Han missed Chewie.
The point is, I wish things were normal.
I want our long talks about nothing,
Even the occasional silent ones.
We seem to have been playing phone tag lately,
Which is okay but I am ready to talk,
Ready to hear about your horrible drinking habits and your endless girl problems.
How does two years feel like a life time?
I guess friendships are like that sometimes.
Life goes on but it goes slower without your
best friend making you laugh,
Or calming you down when you need it the most.
I heard you are coming back into town,
I hope to see you.
Sorry to drag on,
Call me back.

-a voice message i wish i made
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