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Rai Espigar Sep 2017
Love cannot be measured by color red
For it bears more than just the color of blood
And more than the idea of your pumping heart

It cannot be measured by any means
You cannot say how deep it could be
For love is love, and love is still
If you love someone, you never change, you stay, you always will.

Because love is a once in a lifetime hit
Not like a shooting star with unli wish
And it may have its different kinds
We really cant tell love based on our silly signs

And though your quest for love
Might lead you to your first heartbreak
From a once happy, now aching heart
What a tragic twist of fate

But as you fall into the depths
Of confusion, doubt and pain
One person will again hold your heart
Trying to put you back in place

But know that we're still young and free
You know, there's still much to see
Kisses and hugs and monthsaries
Are not the only reasons to be happy

Don't seek love to hit your way
Don't take Cupid's own play
Because "love at first sight" isn't true
True love is "growing old with you"
Not quite sure with the title so...
Losien Mayor Apr 2017
Every time you begged for love
from the wrong people;
every time you asked me why
they couldn’t love you back;

I wanted to tell you that: I am here.
I know how to love you
without looking at
your missing pieces
I’m ready to fix
the mess you’ve made
with your little misses

I wanted to tell you
how eager I am
to take your hand
and show you the way
into my heart;
blind you with so much love
you won’t ever look away
from me again
without hurting
for something
you almost had
but never did.

I wanted to tell you
that I ache to heal you badly;
that I want to make the people who hurt you
beg for your forgiveness
and soothe away the pain
of your never ending longing.

But all I have are words
and they will never be enough for you.
And despite my best efforts to try
and make you happy,
my heart is already bound
by the chains of the love
that is meant for me.
East Wind Apr 2017
Midnight summer rain
When I can't sleep I stare
and think of all the things I could be doing instead.

If I had the money I would
come visit you today
I won't care that it's late
only that you're there
We would walk hand in hand
and maybe start running
Splash through the puddles
as people start staring

Midnight summer rain
When I can't sleep, I ---
close  my eyes and think, "I could be doing a lot around this minute."

If I had the courage I would
leave everything I had (it's not much)
Board a plane or a train
and be a vagabond
Anywhere, any place
is the destination ahead
To be a face in the masses
but with purpose in my lens....

Midnight summer rain
When I can't sleep...I dream of -
capturing life's very fleeting moments instead.
Anonymous Jan 2017
Am I trying too hard
To forget what we did?

Am I trying too hard
To forget your touch
By accepting another one's caress?

Am I trying too hard
To forget your lips
By savouring another one's kiss?

Am I trying too hard
To forget about you
By filling the space, the void
You've left
With another man's matter?

Tell me if I am.
Because I don't want
To be the monster
You are

When you did the same
Lawan Nov 2016
My head hurts, my sight blurs
Quietly i loose consciousness.
My heartbeat breaks, i am choking
Shamefully i loose myself in thoughtfulness.

I sit and watch my hands transform
my thoughts to written words--

How proudly I deny honest truths
a little space in my deluded forehead
And how desperately I cling to life
scared I might just now draw my last breath.

Such is the complete state of man;
When sickness brings him to the brink of death
he remembers the unkind odds that lent him life
But when he is strong and able
he remembers himself immortal.
(mortal body, immortal soul.)
Chloe M Teng Jul 2016
Questions left unanswered
That which we ask ourselves, why?
Tired from unwanted existence
In this life, you and I

Uncertainty of tomorrow
In the waking of everyday
Strangling ropes to our throats
Dragging cobblestones on railways

Midnight shifting thoughts
That which I ask myself, should I?
Crumpled bed sheets whispering soft
A life we must survive
I know we aren't just a breath apart
Nor steps away from each other, love.
Skin to skin we barely meet
This distance is killing both you and me.
Craving for each other
Gathering cyber hugs and kisses to one another
Staring onto the screen
Waiting for each other again to meet

I know it's scaring you
That one day or soon. i'll be leaving you
That I'll be making actions that will impale you through
Leaving you marks and scars
And splash you with the colors of black and blue

Sweetheart, I want you to know that I am all yours
Your heart is m serenity and mine will always be your home
Every time we bid each other "good night"
The first and last thing I think of before I go to sleep
Is the thought of you sleeping beside me, holding me tight.

There maybe times we feel disenchantment coming our way
But look, we're still here
Stronger and happier than what we expected
Smiling all these storms away
Ignoring these thoughts that'll ruin our way.

Never think of me running away from you
For I know, my whole heart, body, and soul belongs to you
You'll always be my way home; bliss and sanctuary.

Every single day, you're always in my mind, thinking of you as always
Wanting your fingers to entertwine with mine again

Darling I am all yours
Every step you make
Every word you take
I'll be there, one step away
Each moment when I'm with you
Every hitched breathwhen you kiss me like you do.

I know this distance is killing you and me.
But don't you worry, darling
One day I'll be waking up next to you
Tangled sheets onto our resting bodies close to each other
There will be no cyber hugs and kiss anymore
But skin to skin we'll always meet.

I am all yours, love.
All yours.
Lianna Walters Nov 2015
For someone who once called me their everything,
You sure didn’t seem to give a ****,
When I called you, thighs bleeding and eyes leaking
But all I got was a voicemail
At least I got to hear your voice one more time
Truth be told, I don’t want you
No, I don’t want you
Not anymore
Not like I used to
But I want you to want me
I want you to want me, but know you can’t have me anymore
Not anymore
Because you let go of the one girl that ever actually gave a **** about you,
Yes, I want you to want me like I once wanted you
So you can feel the pain that comes with karma
And one sided love.
chloe Sep 2015
you used to leave one kiss on my head.
now I could be pronounced dead &
you'd act like you care.
about the memories,
like broken glass on the kitchen floor.

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