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Missing you comes in waves
And tonight I'm drowning.
There is no exact definition of love,
Love is when someone suddenly came along
and finally gave it a meaning.
If you really loved her
you would show more
and talk less.
You come out your cave
If you really wanted to talk
To her.
You walk down the street
And come knock on her door
If she wasn’t important to you
You take your responsibility
And talk to her.
The problem here, your hiding
Everything you might think of.
What are you waiting on
It's crazy when people demand to be forgotten

when they gave us so much

to remember.
For fourteen years,

I have been depending so much of my happiness

to everyone I met

as if they owe their life to me

when friendship is all they can offer

and staying wasn't part of it.
I cannot heal overnight

I do not just weep and cry

and wake up the next morning

expecting the wound

has finally dried.
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