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Jane A Rahman Mar 2019
The animosity of yesterday had vanished,
And now the flowers have bursted out—
As a hint to the world that the spring has finally come,
Leisurely, returning the globe its chromatic hues;
While it drowns me deeper into the ocean of colors,
Killing the blue.

The pillow fights amongst the angels have finally stopped,
For it's the fire ball's turn to spread the warmth all over the globe, slowly but surely.
And a smile eventually spread across my face; finally and finally.
Never have I understood the feeling of refreshing,
Until the day of God deciding to create a season that is spring.

I scream, I sing, I cry and cry to the universe,
For I'm home after a long time,
For I'm grateful for being granted another smile.  
And this is the season I have been waiting for,
For I want to lost in the seasons of sadness no more.

—Jane A. Rahman
Jane: It was on the early April, I got this idea when I was watching a spring ads. It's so refreshing.
Jane A Rahman Mar 2019
It ticks by,
The clock hanging on the wall;
Striking past two in the morning,
Letting the fatigue wash over me like waves,
And over the shore I'm left dying. 

It ticks by, 
The watch on my wrist,
Painting the world gray,
Splaying the world above me with a black canvas, 
And over the mountain I'm left alone crying. 

It flies past—
The hourglass on the windowsill, 
Blowing the nature with its breath, 
Slicing my skin like daggers—
But even so, I'm still here, 
Right here, left alone surviving. 

— Jane A.Rahman
Jane: This was written when I had a sleepless night, crying over the sad truth of life.

— The End —