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There strolls another father,
Scrolling while his daughter
Rides her stroller as they stroll.
He really oughtn't scroll,
She's awake as they stroll;
It's a stroller, not a scroller.

The purpose of a stroll,
Is to walk and talk the prattle,
The speach that infants rattle
While strolling in their stroller.

Sing to your child,
Stroll all the while,
Hum or whistle,
But don't silently scroll on,
While strolling with the stroller.

Recall childhood rhymes, if you can,
Say the ABCs or count to ten;
Talk of little piggies and brazen toads,
Meaningful memories,
And yellow brick roads.

Enjoy your strolling.

Enjoy your scrolling.
It's true. They walk by my place.
Zack Sep 2022
Imagine a treadmill
for your brain.
That never stops
speeding up.
Slowly, at first,
you savor each step.
But boredom pushes you
faster and faster.
No longer tasting.
Only inhaling
the adrenaline.
Because unless you find the next page,
the next post,
the next video,
you risk facing
the combined gravity
of reality
converging upon a single point
of agony.
And so you scroll.
To keep stress away,
the roaring anxiety at bay.
We Are Stories Oct 2019
I look at you
either way,
I can’t feel the pleasure stay,
out of touch,
out of mindful bend and brush!
pull and push,
trim the bush,
hold back all your fears!
hold back all your fears!
I watch you
either way
I’m not getting better!
tell your story
state your statement,
I still can’t feel the pleasure!
-hold back my fears-
Brandon Conway Aug 2018

When I'm bored
I will endlessly


But in a text if I'm asked
to resend something
I  will  not

"Hey can you send me that link again please?" "You can scroll up yourself for it."
aryanalynae Jul 2017
I still check my phone,
and I still search your name.
and I can't stop scrolling,
because scrolling is pain.
ZT May 2016
In this age where almost everything is in digital
Social networking sites that could be detrimental

Here in my bed i am lying
With one hand on my phone that keeps scrolling
Even while knowing
Time I keep on wasting

Still, i cant stop from scrolling.
Internet addiction got me so bad.
Anna Jones Jun 2015
Update my page
List this
Pin that
Got no time to chat

White canvas
Endless pixels
A sight for sore eyes
Fruitlessly searching
Social media
For an elusive prize

Salacious juice
Lines between
Real and fantasy
Reach a truce

Inbox injunction
Endless mail
I want to call it a day
They’ve got some nerve;
‘Be more sociable,’ they say

In cyber space
There’s an infinite world of possibilities
Save for when
We’re face to face

Travelling along
The endless lines
Towards an unknown destination
Lost in ourselves,
We killed the art of conversation

Look at the posts
They’re neverending;
Babies, kittens
See what’s trending
Feeling smitten?
Oh look at all those words,
I haven’t written…

Don’t mind me
I’m just scrolling through.
Noah Mytho May 2015
Smiling faces,
Empty spaces.
Explicit joking,
Anger provoking.
Juicy scoops,
Useless groups.
Hilarious memes,
Broken dreams.
Spent years,
Shed tears.
Memories destroyed,
Lost in the void
Alan S Bailey Apr 2015
I write poems because it fills my world with stuff,
Stuff that originated from someone who inspired me,
That inspiration makes me feel this is enough,
Enough to be the one who with a pen can set rhymes free,
I find poetry gets famous as long as the writer isn't me.

It's just a thing I've noticed, this word or that one,
Bouncing off of the walls, filling the world with
Fighting, or maybe scrolling blankness in the halls.

It will all develop somehow, this poetic pointless tail,
Maybe I'll be famous, but we all know the truth as well.
I'll just go down in misery-not history-as being "someone,"
A starving poet, a musician, just another stupid useless ***.

— The End —