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Gray Jun 2018
I walked along side the empty sidewalk,
Alone as I’ve always been.
It didn’t bother me as it might have troubled others.
I was used to it time and time again.

The weather that day was cold and grim
Just like how I’ve been feeling prior.
Since everything seemed to blend,
I didn’t realize until the two of us collided.

You were so polite and quickly said, “Oh, I’m so sorry!”
Even though that it was clearly my fault.
I remember nodding timidly, and lowering my hand to help pick you up.
The second you grabbed it was the second my old life melted away.

The next day’s weather was worse,
But it no longer matched how i was feeling.
We walked, not hand in hand, but side by side.
We were both equally as shy and nervous.

How else should have we behaved?
The two of us had only met the day before.
Yet, even i must admit now, I felt like we could have been more.
Perhaps if i said something then we could have been something more.

Soon the sidewalk met the intersection.
Which meant that our paths were to come to an end.
Even though i traveled alone,
I wore a happy grin.
I'm still toying with poems that don't rhyme, and poems that are slightly longer, so oops!
CA Smith Feb 2018
Just passing through,
simply to absorb the wonderful view.

What a pleasure it can be,
strolling through a forest on a Sunday afternoon.
Diána Bósa Apr 2017
Strolling around in
our dear Old Paradise Street
I nearly swooned, my
love, yet, though, rose up into
your deep blue empyrean.
Arcassin B Apr 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Just strolling along , just standing in place , i would,
show you more than what really happens in this place if i could,

skies are getting dark and grey , as it persuades , message,
if anything nobody listens to me so i pillage,

i could still see the stars , like its apart of my life,
i wish to find a stunning gorgeous guardian of a wife,

long hair to the back , isn't that a fact , i could make,
everybody wish they had a soulmate on an interstate,

Pretending i have a good home to come to , while thinking,
it was all a hoax that i provoked , this ship is sinking,

having life situations bore me , so i did,
the most responsible thing in the world , the choice that i picked.


We leave,
without a goodbye or a sayonara..
The future,
and every promise that we made is gone in the wind,
Some Trust,
the spirits they crave but it never comes through,
The Last Bit,
Of people wondered  when their hearts will ever get saved,

and i'm one of them,
its way too early for the *******,
the sunlight shines in my eyes,
i swear on life i wanna just quit,
i stopped trading blows for this disguise,
And all my life I've tried to quit,
five other times I've tried to end it,
I know that i'm not good enough,
for the rapture all the way to the end of a brand new.
©ABPoetryRisenLP2017 ©ABPoetry2017
After a very long walk Mr Ketchup
Felt rather peckish
He sat down
"My feet are killing me, he sighed. Haggis smiled and pulled out two  double deckers fit for a king.
Mr Ketchup was about to put the double decker Into to his mouth. When this black and white greyhood jumped up and locked his jaw into his sandwich. "Oh you meddlesome dog how dare you steal my double decker".
This old woman came up to apologise
But it was no use Mr Ketchup looked like he was about to explode his face looked like a quashed tomatoe.
" Oh why don't you just eat the bleeding lot"
"Now now Mr Ketchup please remember your manners."
Mr Ketchup threw the rest of the double decker into the air.It landed on the grass.
Were two magpies were scrambling,  to see who could get the rest of the bread.
Mr Ketchup sat on the bench sulking
While his friend Haggis appeared to be enjoying his dinner.
"It's all right for you. " Mr Ketchup
replied, I am still very hungry.
"Oh, Mr Ketchup do stop complaining. You won't die of hunger just yet.
I am sure Sweet potato face will
rustle you up something. when you arrive home"
"Oh but that will take forever, "moaned Mr Ketchup."
Oh why do bad things happen to me ?
Oh dear   do you think readers that
Mr Ketchup is in trouble again.
These are meant to make you laugh ...I will be editing and adding more to the storye on Wednesday at my Bugle magazine group...
Arturo Hernandez Oct 2014
I feel relaxed
When I think of
The ocean foaming
And the sound of the waves.

I remember who we were
Strolling in the beach
And playing under the sheets.

You were quick to forget
But I still remember
The ocean.

— The End —