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Seline Mui Mar 2018
The water drips down the faucet
thirsty for speech
Molly misfit doesn't speak a word
but she's clever when disturbed
round and round you will go
All the pretty colors wild and free
describing your senses, absent sleep
some things take hold, making you feel bold
get your creativity flowing, racing, while it makes no sense
you feel the rhythm in every inch
and you explore the depths of normality in a insane way
because things seem different, but it's you.
You're never same, constant change, feeling overjoyed racing away
Like you found yourself on Molly's ride, but learn to much to fast
You're no longer trapped, you are free, to breathe and be serene
I found you, and you found me. In each other we find one another, because we are alike you and me. We just believe in a different destiny, under the same wing of Molly's side, share the warmth she provide. Hours pass, feeling good feeling great, hopefully the morning won't be a mistake, after we get our way, wanting this feeling to stay, my heart knows a good feeling, allowing us to be comfortable here in the now, ******* will need to suffice as the term of how it feels to be alive, right here right now, I'm happy, touched by love, and kissed from above, heaven is here, on your skin, it's good, not sin. Finally everything makes sense, contentment sweeping over me, enjoy Molly's gift while it last, just be glad it was a blast, and remember how it felt, from start to end, what I know now can't be replaced, an unforgettable experience, i cannot forget, reminding me to look out for you, and you for me, even when the end is near, we won't forget or fear, when the magic burns out, and we had a taste, just know that together we found this place, our discovery, beautiful sane insanity, a needed escape, the great sensations and positive vibes, trust and happiness for you and me, will always be awaiting my return, I earned the secret, of reality, no need to hide my changing mind, set it free, be real with me, hiding from the truth, the remedy, but here i've found the key to serenity.
Molly's secret i crystal clear, are you eager, and prepared? Her magic fills the moon night with nervous excitement, soon you will know what i hold, the crazy feelings, colored in bold gold.
Luke Jul 2017
Feet floating six inches above the ground
A glockenspiel chorus of radiant talking
Have stumbled upon something I thought I had found
Under an emerald sky we are walking

A glockenspiel chorus of radiant talking
I am almost too awestruck to peer at the stars
Under an emerald sky we are walking
We love all of life, stretching off beyond Mars

I am almost too awestruck to peer at the stars
I know that this feeling can not last forever
We love all of life, stretching off beyond Mars
This memory, these people I promise I’ll treasure

I know that this feeling can not last forever
Have stumbled upon something I thought I had found
This memory, these people I promise I’ll treasure
Feet floating six inches above the ground
Bria Grimm Aug 2016
Red and raw like my brain,
unable to shut down.
Thoughts crashing like electrons
orbiting a nucleus of dueling emotions.
Wanting to stay up,
Knowing I should want to come down
and stay that way.
I wrote this when I was battling an addiction with MDMA back in 2011. This short piece explains my frame of mind during his era.

I hope this ressinates with at least one other soul.
Cweeta Cwumble May 2016
i want to feel the rush,
the tingly fireworks under my skin,
the buzzing sparks of awakeness.
i want to feel the bubble burst in my chest.
i want to dance. i want to ride the music
like a rollercoaster,
i want the thrill of the next drop,
the next wave of euphoria
pulsating through my veins
like electric current conducted by
all the goings-on around me
i want your energy and my energy
mixing together in the air around us
like a glittery galaxy milky-way aura,
a sanctuary of our own vibrations,
a place where our hearts are huge
and our egos small.
a place of peace, of love,
of unity, and respect,
of higher elevations
and acceptance for all.
can't we just do drugs?
Autumn Jan 2016
Hazy eyes under Smoke and Lights
your Blue irises centered through a Light show
me Hypnotized
restless nights Feeling the drugged memory.
with your Lips and Hands
Our sweaty Bodies with bass friction
you led me into your deep Kiss...another deep Kiss...another
I led You into a deep Kiss
the night was Forever
i could Float in it
filling space between our Fingers
not letting Go...
Erali Pisce Apr 2015
I've lost my mind.
Somewhere down the line.
Maybe I set it down to parachute the pill.
Maybe I set it down to light the grass.
Maybe I set it down to drink to the last drop.
Maybe I set it down to light the cancer.
Should I even pick it up?
It's probably covered in dust and filth.
Part of me is glad that it's gone.
Why would I trade a vice for a thought?
Natasha Mar 2015
As most of my older followers may know, throughout the last 4 years I hadn't gone a year without doing some sort of chemical drug- until this year. From the time I was 14 to 18 I mixed and sampled the following: (in order) tylonel 3, oxycodiene, MDMA- molly, "m" this drug is a mind killer, it ***** with your serotonin and dopamine levels the most, not super addictive in terms of ****** reactions but mentally it definitely sticks with you, for you will never feel as happy as the first time you try this- my #2 of the never ever try this. I will be a year clean of it on October 30th 2015, GHB- aka *******, *******- oh lordy where do I start. Perhaps with the fact that almost all the coke you buy is cut with laxatives or tylonel. I've suffered the greatest reprecussions physically and psychologically both immediately and long term from this drug. On this drug I experienced stimulant psychosis, cravings, shakes, twitches, believing that bugs were on me, dermotellemania, dramatic weight loss and my skin and hair were terrible. After I had become clean I noticed I still had no appetite, bowel and bladder problems, and craving similiar to those of nicotine. This is my #1- STAY THE **** AWAY FROM THIS, its a silent, slow killer and it's not worth the money you pay for it, $80 (per gram) on laxatives? No thanks. I will be a year clean of this on June 25th 2015, LSD, oxycodin, ****, heroine & dmt.

Personally, things like marijuana, psychobasilic mushrooms, LSD & DMT are still fine with me- I limit my LSD & DMT intake to once every 6 months (if that) and I've found no reprecussions from doing these drugs (yet!).
I was mostly majorly addicted to stimulants and I would advise anyone who wants to not **** up their life to stay away from any stimulant. They really don't benefit you in anyway- the high gets old, the aftermath isn't worth it. I have major mood and mental illness issues that I'm still dealing with to this day- I refuse to take any form of medication such as prozac because I'm afraid I'll get addicted and be on it for the rest of my life. I'm writing this in hopes that anyone who is using, or thinking of using please gets the notion out of their head that they need this ****- it's not cool anymore, its risky and it ruins your body by the end of it.
The reason I chose to stop was because I realized the fact I mentioned above, that it does absolutely no good in the long haul. There are so many better things (better, safer drugs even) then stimulants. I also met a man who supports me and helps me with the craving days I still get at least 1 or twice every month. And I've started to be happy with myself and my body. I want to be healthy. I want to be fit. I want to be happy and carefree- all these drugs do is chain you.

If you read this all the way through, you're lovely.

I hope this helps someone, somewhere out there.
Ahhh my little story of how ****** up I was as a teenager haha gettin older and wiser
Emma Henderson Mar 2015
Molly came to school when I was fourteen
but she was years older, appearing as a beautiful traveller
who'd circled the globe and made friends with everybody.

She was always the popular one, but one I never got to know,
because my sister at thirty-five told me that she had killed a man
once or twice.

The kids I knew found this hard to believe, as Molly got to know them all.
She'd hang out with them after school, and was always there,
waiting to widen her circle.
Molly never lost her charm,
and she stole the hearts of boys I loved.
She opened their eyes to a world I could not show them,
she drank their blood on Friday nights.
Every boy I'd meet would have a story to tell,
her name dropped like an atom bomb into conversation.

They'd all met her.
They all knew her.

They met her at nightclubs,
and stopped caring about how **** the music sounded
They met her on their holidays ,
and tasted her before the alcohol wore off
They met her at festivals,
where she'd creep into their tents before the main stage lit up

I wonder maybe one day will we be friends
Instead of resenting each other
because she's killed a man
more than once or twice
For N, D & F and all the boys and girls that found love in a pill
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