Lakhwinder Jun 10
At 10:30,
Silence Dispersed,every edge withdrew with dark,
The moon  is pale,  still brighten as diamond spark,
At the tree, an owl hoots, at surface dogs barks.
I heed,   the sound of footsteps appears from the street,
exults my isolated heart.
My soul sing, my body dance,
the longing ends, desperate for having my lover's glance.
O! the perfume of him that mingled in air , I feel ,
O! the sound of his gentle cough , I am acquitanced.
O ! The heavenly night with him, that I will deal.
But O despair heart , you knit the misassumption.
The perfume you smell, the steps you hear ,
Just fictionary dreams and false perceptions.
Oh ! Control your glistening tears.
Yet, loose  you satraches arm , blink your awaitful sight ,
The lover of yours , cannot reach here in the darkened night.
This poem is eulogizing the anguish or malady  that arouse from the unrequited love. The girl or beloved hope for that her lover will come in the darkened night . But at the culmination she comes to know that she knits the fictionary dreams and it gives her pain.
Lakhwinder Dec 2017
What would happen on the day
When death tinkers in your life
This thought might recoil once
It turns a 'men' into 'corpse' I soliloquy
kith will pretending of regret by flowing false tears
Several examine you by discussing your deeds.
Pale face like a winter moon ignite on funeral pyre
ossesous turn into ash
Memories get fade with the passage of time
So what we earn worth by stay alive?
The only things which eternal relies on your deeds
It alive era to era never die
Embellish your deeds with great cause and painstaking
The actions never die, remain imortal with every rays of sunshine....
Death the culmination of life
Lakhwinder Dec 2017
Thundered cloud, drops falling!
Here the rain, o rain ! Kids began shouting.

Frogs start dancing ‚ hollow steams overflow.
several bossomed‚ barren land get glow.

Far from it‚ a lady who dwelt in hut‚
Moaning‚ pleaded to ***‚ to cease it up.

Her tears eulogize her sorrow‚
The grain now vain which she'd borrowed .

Tatter shelter is leaking‚
Her kids start weeping.

She cursed to the averse rain ‚
The scudding drifts  and extreme pain.

Sudden‚ rain-storm abated‚ the sun began gleaming.
A saint consistently stared her‚ come her nearing.

"What you have lost? trifles ! Which was not yours ‚
Nor the ***'s Havoc ‚your turpitude make you poor".

*** doth need to menace His child's treasures,
you are own responsible for your laments and pleasures.

The **** and Heaven are not in world,
All have to suffer sooner or later,
If *** is the Destructor, than who is the Creator?
Almighty *** never desire to menace His child

— The End —