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maggie W Dec 2018
I don't wanna kiss you under the mistletoe
Cause I only know you for two months and you're a Jewish boy,

I like talking to you about things, ABCDEFG
I'm not as complicated as you think
Nor is affection or feelings as you claimed it to be

Talk to me just like you're singing one two three
Politics, trade wars and tariffs
Don't talk to me about numbers or statistics
I only wanna get lost in your water blue eyes as you speak

No, I won't interrupt you this time
I will let you speak
Take off your blazer and ties
I will make you some veggie dish

Don't talk to me about Hanukkah, figures and power point slides
Why don't you push all the writings aside
I'll light your Menorah and make you mine
Take off my dress and get naughty not nice

Talk to me about the things I wanna hear
Things that's as easy as ABC
One two three
Shanah Tovah/Hallelujah
Kiss me till it stings
Hey Ross I wanna make out with you again
Carter Ginter Apr 2018
Do I want to kiss you
Because I actually like you
Or I just feel out of control?
I tend to be self-destructive
When nothing in life is going well
And I don't want to drag you into this
I brought up never having drunk kissed someone
Our friend said we should do it
And the idea just stuck in my head
I didn't think it'd be a reciprocated feeling
Because I can't imagine you thinking of me that way
But drunk me decided to offer
Just to let you know I was thinking it
You said you were surprised
I'm not sure why but that's ok
You also said you might accept the offer
But it depends
On what I'm not sure
I just hope it's not awkward at work tomorrow
Mikaela Oct 2017
My cheek pressed against your chest
Inhaling the cologne across your collarbone
My fingers running through your velvet hair
Your arm wrapped around me just below my ribcage
Pulling me in close
Our breathes in sync
As we fall asleep

- best sleep
ash Jun 2017
Make out with me
At a house party

Kiss me as if
My lips are your last breath
Hold me close
As if I'm your safety blanket
Touch me
Bite me
Do what you want to me
Be my ecstasy
And every other drug
But not just for this one night
Not just at this house party
Be my drug
Be my king
At every moment after
And after
And after
vhea Apr 2017
I've been telling myself for weeks now that I let you kiss me because I was drunk but I've finally accepted the fact that I've been using it as an excuse because I'm scared of the fact that out of everyone I've been with, you were the first person I let my guard down around.

You were the first person who held me like I mattered. It has been weeks since that night, but I still dream about the way you murmured sweet nothings in my ear. Sometimes it would seem so real, I could almost feel your breath against my neck, but then I'd open my eyes and realize that I'm alone and you're not anywhere near me.

Sometimes I'd get a whiff of your perfume in a crowded place and I could almost feel myself sitting down on that concrete block with your warmth blocking the cold February breeze. For a second, I could feel my head leaning on your shoulder, but a second passes and you disappear, leaving me all alone in a place full of people and a gust of wind that was almost you.

When I finally let you kiss me in that dark, narrow stairwell, I was too busy trying to feel every movement you made, trying to remember every second of your lips on mine to kiss back. Now that I think about it, if I had mindlessly kissed you back that night, will I not fantasize about your lips every time I close my eyes? Will I not think of you every time a kissing scene in a movie comes on? Will I not compare every kiss from every guy that comes after you?
To N. You have no idea what you did to me.
A Tango Mar 2017
My lips would roam
not only on your lips
but down to your neck
and your thighs.

Will you blame me
for missing the times
I get to kiss you?

My dear,
I'm a mess
but I miss you.
[ I smooched the hell out of you ]
M Catherine Nov 2015
They feel like breathing
For the very first time
And the only thing I can gasp
is your name and I'm
finally pretty **** close
to feeling happy, maybe free
It doesn't matter if people
stare and laugh because I'll be
In different mindset
High in those clouds
That smell of your jacket
and the echo of your name loud.
They squeal when they do the math
put two and two together
They spit out my name like
disbelief, but there are worse to weather.
Clothes pulled and coats cover
The prints I'll never explain
to my parents, for they'd not understand
How much I crave for you again and again
They call you the pervert, the gross one
obsessed with the next hookup
But it's really mostly me
whose *** drive will really drub.
lachrymose Dec 2014
Let me love you. Let me make out with you, then trail my lips from your neck all the way down to just above the waistband of your underwear. Just imagine the feeling of my lips hovering just above that sweet spot where your hot desire is growing. My warm breath across your skin, my lips and tongue and gentle touch in the perfect spot, igniting a flame in the deepest depths of you, striking a match in your heart. Imagine my hands under your thighs, just slightly holding your legs up while I kiss and lick and ****. Imagine how the warmth and tingling sensation will travel up your spine and into your head and back down your chest while you breathe, heavy and sporadic. Imagine how much harder you'll get when you see me come up to breathe, smirking smugly, my **** in the air, covered in lacy *******, my hair a mess from you sliding your hands in and out of it, my lips wet, my ******* aching hard and straining my bra. Think about running your hands all along those full curves, like two berries, ripe and ready to be picked. Hold them gently, as if one too-tight squeeze could break them. Kiss my lips as if one too-hard kiss could shatter them to pieces like a wineglass on a wooden floor. Touch me like I'm made of porcelain and listen to me moan "I love you. I love you. I love you."
Do you miss me now?
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