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Mikaelyn White Nov 2016
Mother, mom, madre, love.
You and I fit like a glove

Mother, mom, madre, friend.
You help me with problems I cannot mend  

Mother, mom, madre, teacher.
You are smarter than most preachers

Mother, mom, madre, God-send.
You taught me how to believe again

Mother, mom, madre, and more.
You are strong to the core!

Bad things will happen, and bad things have come
...but I'll always be your daughter

To my mother, mom, madre, and most of all love. God is watching us from above!
My mom is my everything.. and today is the day we celebrate her birth.
Mikaelyn White Mar 2015
I love your intentions
They are my deepest consolations
When all I see is dark
You caress my heart
And the shadows on the walls
Are dancing, surpassing

I love your affections
They soothe my afflictions
When day turns into night
You are the solace I seek
The find restful sleep
And quiet bad dreams
Calling out to anyone who has written a poem online and went to save it only to lose it all when the webpage wouldn't load. I salvaged what I could.
Mikaelyn White Mar 2015
all of my attention is wasted differentiating

fact versus fiction
Mikaelyn White Jan 2015
Who knows how it feels to be eaten alive?

Mikaelyn White Jan 2015
"School," says I

"Home," says Me

"Away," says Her

"Dead," says She
Mikaelyn White Oct 2014
2:50 PM.
Another afternoon..
Unable to breathe
Unable to see
Shaking with fear
The panic wins again
0 points on my end
I would call it a draw
If I had gone to school

*Yet I did not
Mikaelyn White Oct 2014
Tell me
This not the end

Tell me
You will make amends

And maybe when I come around-

Tell me
That you love me still

Tell me
You won't ever ****
(this feeling in me)

And maybe when I come around
Maybe when I come around
This stale air will breathe life

Maybe if I tell myself
Maybe if I tell myself
I am the reason why
It's okay. I have been alone all this time. I must have been mistaken.. fallen for your lies. "Friends" you said; "A joke" I say. I just hate to be alone, so lets pretend until I may go. I promise I will leave you alone. Lets just wait.. two more years.
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