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Skyler Reece Oct 2020
I sink,
feeling the water flow-
it will take me
Where I want to go-
From all the woes of this world.
Behind this veil,
I feel the calm
Distorted;  I can’t tell
What’s right and wrong
It's all a blur.
All I hear is ocean song
Singing quietly in my ears.
I wish I could breathe here
So I could stay forever…
Skyler Reece Apr 2020
I lurk
I lie in my bed
hearing ghosts in my head
I hide
I'm not leaving
It's safer in here
Without a sun to see
I can't be burned
I sigh
I'm a ghost myself anyways
So just let me atrophy
and waste away
I cry
It's safer in here
I can’t see the ghosts
Only hear their wails
Hiding from sunshine
Is a small price to pay
So stop telling me fix it please
I've already surrendered
It's “safer” in here
I lie
No matter how fake the peace
Skyler Reece Apr 2020
A strike resonates
I twist, and I see the night sky
Felled- like ones before
Skyler Reece Apr 2020
I know you probably can't hear this
But I'll say it anyway,
I miss you.
I’ve always missed you.
And I’m sorry all my poems
Are about what you did,
And not who you are --
Who you were.

I remember melting into your hugs--
Never wanting to let go.  
Remember your smell
(Cigarettes and old spice.)
The way your face lit up when you saw us,
The way you lit the room up with you--
Always smiling your goofy smile.
always putting others before yourself,
Which is why it's hard you left.
So hard to know how you really felt--
So lonely, so lost, so empty.
I wish I could’ve helped you.
But I still remember you --

6 years, and I still remember
Everything I have because of you.
Your altruism became mine--
You always encouraged us to help others
You always made everyone smile
You gave me
A never ending fountain of puns and ******* remarks
You sparked my interest in art, and in poetry
I’m always told I’m just like you
I take great pride in that
You were always my role model
And I will always love you--
Always miss you
My father was my role model during my childhood, and I missed him most of the time. he wasn't around very often, first because of the Iraq war and then because my mother had divorced him, so the few moments I had with him I cherished. I lost him for good when he committed suicide, and for a long time I was always stuck on his death, so I wrote this as a reminder to me and now all of you to look at his life.
Skyler Reece Apr 2020
Father is dead
Father is dead
He put a gun
Up to his head
He took some pills
And went to bed
He slit his wrists
dropped as if lead
He jumped off
hung by his neck

These images
of fear and dread
Accosting me
as I slept
Exhausting me
they fill my head
Won't leave me be
Why would you want to leave?
I'm sorry to post such a dark piece. When I was ten my father committed suicide. We weren't living together at the time, as my mother had divorced him long before it had happened. I had simply found out about it the next day, and we packed up to go to his funeral. I've never understood why people say that they look peaceful in death. there is no peace, only pain. I've never known how he committed suicide, only that he did. that may have contributed to a recurring nightmare I have had ever since his death, in which I see him **** himself in his room over and over again in different ways.
Skyler Reece Apr 2020
the old, black moon
does not shine tonight.
he’s been eaten since noon
and gone from sight

the bright, bubbly sun
has lost his luster too.
hopes shining for none
despair opened anew

the vast, dreary void
never shined before
yet bright enough to destroy
it flares a color abhorred

— The End —