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SWebster Oct 2020
Where there is peace
there is silence.
Peace is simply the absence of noise.
The calmness in your soul is mistaken for loneliness.
SWebster Sep 2020
Were there clouds upon the sea
For they would shelter me;
Were there string tied to my heart
For you to pull them to and fro;
Were there clarity in my mind
So that i May function half the time.
Were there peace in my soul
So I would not lust after you no more.
SWebster May 2020
I’m not happy.
I want to cry and crumple.
To scream.
But where is the point?
The day is the same, the air remains and the birds still screech.
So I stay silent.
No voice given to the devastation inside.
SWebster May 2020
The weeds grow long and tall
Curling into the crevices.
The grass has died back , yellow and withered.
I turn my back because it breaks my heart to see the flowers trampled.
I haven’t taken care and I haven’t planted.
This land has died and I can’t bare to look.
SWebster May 2020
So beautiful and wonderous to examine.
Yet filling in the cracks
with lies, platitudes and denial
never looks as good.
Ceramic bound in gold so intricate
yet this glue is brittle, faded and weak.
SWebster Apr 2020
You knew you would end up here:
Winding ripping at your hair,
Eyes burning with tears
And hands clasping sand.
SWebster Mar 2020
A kiss
Left unanswered
A kiss
A kiss
A kiss
And A kiss
Submerged into icey waters
To be burnt in frost.
Lips alone, cold and barren
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