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Faith Jul 2019
i used your love letter to spit out my gum
Mal Jul 2019
I don't even know how to start this letter. Something within me just had enough courage to.

2. I always imagined this would happen without warning.

3. I know how much you hate reading, but can you at least read this.

4. I wish I could have been more honest with you. I should have never bottled up my emotions; now look at me, I'm a mess.

5. Can you laugh at my joke one more time? I really like the way your cheeks puff up and blush pink.

6. Have I ever told you that you have a nice smile?

7. Let's go to the park, I want to see the sunset before I go.

8. Thank you so much for spamming me memes at 3am.

9. I've been saving money for a special event, I'm doubting you'll like it.

10. When I was 11, on Halloween I finally gathered everything I needed in order to be Batman. Rope, blades and boomerangs. I kept them in a box just in case if I needed to use them in the future.

11. I came home on Sunday and found your favorite black scarf. I wore it tightly around my neck; I can feel your warmth, it even smells like you.

12. How can something you love so mush just disappear right in front of your eyes.

13. I can show you how we can be together forever. But it'll take more time for you.

14. I bought you your favorite ice cream, cookies and cream. I left it in the freezer. But remember, when it melts, I won't be there to clean it up for you.

15. Don't worry, I'll try harder next time.

16. You don't need to make me your famous mashed potatoes and gravy. I'll be out of town. But oh man, I'll sure miss eating that.

17. I love you more than you'll ever know. But I'm not sorry.

18. You don't have to bring flowers, I don't want them to set off your allergies.
suicides notes are love letters
Sharon Talbot Mar 2019
These words keep arriving by post,
By phone and through the air:
They say, “I love you the most!”
And he’s always unprepared.

I dismissed them until I knew
What they could mean,
What they could do.

They let a young boy believe
In a dangerous fantasy
Of the young or naïve,
And give himself to ecstasy.

He’d already given himself away
To a girl who “merely loved” him;
He was swayed.
He was wounded by a whim.

How could his young heart
Know the anguish of love spurned?
Of changing minds and false starts?
That passion fades as quickly as it burns?

He was “crushed” when it ended;
His response, pure and true.
Still that phrase he insanely defended!
“I love you, I love you, and I love you”!

How hollow to me it still rings!
My beloved son in pain.
What makes a girl do these selfish things?
What is it that they gain?

Young hearts now seem to lack wisdom;
They’re so eager to believe.
Yet they haven’t the caution
It takes to give love and receive.

Summer, 2006
As a teen, our son kept falling in love with girls who used his feelings and then threw him away. This is just one episode!
inreticence Feb 2019
If I were to send you all the letters I wrote,

the ones where my heart bled out the words

and where my tears painted the borders.

—where I laid out all my pain to rest,

you would know the depths my heart has tunneled,

just so I could make more space for you.

you would know the dreams I tucked away

for the day we reached our promise of forever.

you will find, there, the thousand different ways

I wish I could have said I loved you.
and a thousand
 more ways I wished
I could have made you stay.

call them prayers, the way I begged the heavens

if there was a way to save a sinking ship.

or heal all the wounds yet to be inflicted;
or take away the memories yet to be made;

If I had sent them, would you have understood?

that there was no way for me to love you 

any less than I did. That is the way that I am.
And there was no way for me to love you

and not lose myself. I’d have given you my soul.

and your glass would never have been empty

because I would have given you my all.
Deiny Moretta Nov 2018
Dear Lover:

I have longed for you, in many different ways. To hold you, to kiss you, to breathe your breath. All I’ve got are dreams of you,  when I want to dream with you.

I Desire your presence, your essence, your confidence, and hope you feel the same.

It’s been too long since ours lips last collapsed, and our hand entwined, but I still savor your lips on mine, and feel our hands becoming one.
Deiny Moretta Nov 2018
Dear lover:

I never wished upon the stars for an everlasting story, but darling your smile was pure magic, it was freedom.
A connection so strong I could feel shivers through my spine.

My dear angel, I drifted onto you like a paper boat in stormy days.  
You made me burst in laughter, raging my emotions set ablaze.
Like a symphony,  your voice ecos in my head, and the embrace of our bodies the sweetest melody never heard.
How a blissful memoir have you come to be.
You will always be enough.  

Yours always ,
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Sun Set Love Letters

Saw the sun set on Venice Beach tonight,
first time in awhile,
I’ve just returned from a trip overseas,
still in a constant state of both admittance and denial,

after awhile,
we realize nothing really matters,
at the same time that everything does,
so where does that put us at this point in the equation,

well here I guess,
with me writing you more love letters,

anyways where were we,
I don’t seem to be able to remember,
lately my memory hasn’t been so great,
my health has begun to deteriorate and I see everything in patterns,

oh yeah,
I remember now,
we were where I tell you of how,
I saw the sun set on Venice beach tonight,

and the tide or rather waves,
were bigger than I’d ever seen them,
and I’m struggling to stay alive,
I take it one day at a time that’s right per diem,

and I’ve got businesses all over the world,
but all I really want to do is write you these love letters,
because I still love you even after all we’ve been through,
and I vowed to stick with you for worse or for better,

even though after awhile,
we realize nothing really matters,
at the same time that everything does,
so where does that put us at this point in the equation?..

∆ LaLux ∆

Oct 5th 2018
Nely Aug 2018
You are fragile, yet guile. & even though you say you dont feel the same way, through senescence you'll notice the truth. You'll piece the puzzle together as to why you came every night to see me. Why you stayed when my words were shards of glass. Why you enjoyed my pink and purple love letters on your toufee skin. Why you always found yourself leaving those places to stare off into space with me. Yet, you say there is nothing. Nothing. The absence of something. If that is the truth I have to live with, then so be it. But you'll count how many of those pretty empty ladies stay in orbit between your planets, stranded on your asteroid belt. You look closely, I'm this giant elliptical galaxy within the other galaxies that you'll never seem to escape. I'll dip your thumb In between my lips, glide your hand across the side of neck, through your lips I'll pour a burst of stars right through your cuspid & new stars will form en masse. Then you'll notice that these stars shine brighter, millions of times brighter than a sun like star, and maybe then you'll notice that you did feel something, even if I was only actively forming stars within you.

the absence of feelings, let me touch down twice. & if you really not feeling the kid, let me figure it out minus the lies. Cause ima still navigate through your vicinities, im still breaking down your complexities. I still have galaxies I need to finish building, just let me finish them
Francie Lynch Aug 2018
Those girls will find out my secret,
Probably sooner than I wish;
If I should die suddenly,
(By then it matters little)
They'll read what became of me.

Pictures that I've kept
With a ribbon round the faded letters
To tie up my regret.
You'll parse them with your sisters,
And discover, I, with my final stroke,
Wrote her name with my last breath.

You'll understand why I kept them long,
You'll read the name of our favorite song;
A verse I wrote, a note to my only love,
And wonder how things went so wrong.

The rule of cause and effect holds true;
For if I'm gone, there's no effect on you;
Nothing can give rise to something,
Your reaction will prove my assumption.
You'll find me in those letters too,
Where I confessed.
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