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Mal Mar 2020
im doing nothing
but staying inside
and sleeping in a coffin bed

im doing nothing
but convincing myself
it's okay

to waste into nothingness
Mal Dec 2019
It's been a long time since I saw the sun recently

It's been really dark and cloudy lately
Mal Nov 2019
I can look at you and still admire every single thing about you

Your soft, pink, precious lips
Your round almond shaped eyes, half shut when you smile
You're just so perfect to me

Sometimes, I can't accept the fact that I fell in love with you
But somewhere in my heart, there's a place for you
Even though you left
Mal Nov 2019
it's not true
these feelings
they're not true

please tell me that they're not true
I'm in denial about my feelings. And I honestly don't know why...
Mal Nov 2019
i have taken
your sweater
that was in the closet

and which
you were probably
ready to wear

forgive me
its comfort was hugging me so tightly
giving me warmth

im sorry
for i have been yearning for warmth
and now you're cold
so very cold
Mal Nov 2019
I didn't know
That such short words
Could have an impact on me
Mal Oct 2019
kiss me
until i
can't speak
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