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Nov 2020
The frivolous existence of a frantic
man frolicking in a fatuous fantasy,
is forgotten so ferociously.
By a maiden so fair,
who he called his bear,
gave up so dearly.

His drunken soul, took a toll on
what's left of his humanity.
Disdain his curse, in vain his outburst;
He had lost grip on reality.

This foolish gallant,
so wise; not void of talent,
fell prey to darkness that fuelled his insanity.

She took the form of a magnetic storm; then left him to realize his blunder.
Now he waits on the throne,
that he once called home,
yearning to win back her splendour.
to my fair maiden
Brejesh Shan
Written by
Brejesh Shan  22/M/Hamilton
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