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Shobhit Nov 2020
the misted air
that arrives with the winter nights are laced with something strange
The more I breath them in, I don't want to throw them out not that soon
I want to hold them long enough
that they could reach deep enough
Enough to wet the bits of my soul
That has grown infertile and dry
Over the time, when the air around was not warm but burnt deep
And I exhaled smoke while the heart skipped its beat
#i could not manage a fullstop here!!
Shobhit Sep 2019
Ok, here is how she's like.
Place a mirror in front of her
And then a million more all around
Then there it is
Million of reflections of her
Each at different perspective
But still symmetrical
Now remove all the mirrors but
Not her images,
And you could see million sides of her
That is how each day with her goes by
Taking it in from one reflection at a time
And a million yet unseen
Honestly, it's exciting!!
Shobhit Sep 2019
All these pursuits
And this voracious appetite
to tame the impossible
These years of grinding
And not even getting distracted for a minute
By the gluttony of settling for something lesser
These house of cards
That once I thought were concrete columns
They are falling apart
Courtesy to the mildest wind
That is blowing somewhere far far away.
This conflict fueled by strong memory  
It's a catastrophe
The fire to the canopy
And who is to suffer and burn and shatter
It hardly matters..
The damage is on
And god knows how long
before its done.
Shobhit Sep 2019
Come hold my hand
And when our viens touch
I will guide you soul into mine
How lovely that would be
How divine!!
Shobhit Mar 2019
Do you remember that eve,
One of many to come, I believe
You came home withered
Your eyes were red
But your hands were cold
You wanted to quit your quest
Buried you face into my chest
That was my first "situation" with you
I didn't know how to deal with
All I knew was " I have to do my best"
I made you sit on your favourite chair
Where you would often fall asleep
While reading
But mostly just sitting
I guess it must be crazy deep
And I made you that coffee
I bragged about so much
You held your cup
with both your hands
Sieving the warmth
through your palms
And took a sip,closed your eyes
Like some just recited
The verses of Psalms
While you drank your cup
I watched you in silence
Sitting on the edge
Running fingers through your hair
When you were done
I thought you would say
Something about my coffee
But all you said was
" I can't remember what was I so stressed about?'
and you looked to my face
Only to see my big grin with
"I told you so" patched over it
Then you went back to your thoughts
We didn't say a single word
You sat there holding me by my arm
Your mellow breath said it all loud
You love me and my coffee,without a doubt.
Shobhit Dec 2018
Yes, you are free
to nurture those feelings

Feed them dreams and hopes
And let them
germinate incessantly
Into a chaos inside you!

Yes, you are free
to take your time
And segregate them
as you like.

But be sure
about the one
Whom you have
restlessly chosen
To harvest them...

Your orchard of strawberries,
red and bright
They may claim
as land of carcasses
Barren with pits
of black blight!!

Shobhit Apr 2018
I remember how much you loved the rain
You said this is the best thing ever
in the world full of lesions and pain
and this is nature's way of mass healing
to cool down our burning hearts
so that we can care more and love again.
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