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vinny Feb 20
the elephant in the room is one day you will come to pass
I hope there is a heaven for good men
you have been with me from the start
I could never live without you dad

i will carry you in my heart
vinny Feb 15
I was watching October sky in mid July when I lost my self control

It's kind of funny how time goes by and we wonder why and where the **** did it go?

I'm sick of having my friends die
Been thinking of old times
They play like a movie in my brain
Why can't I just close my eyes so time can heal and waste away?

I can't seem to let it go
one of my favorite song intros ever. Twenty-four by Balance & Composure
vinny Feb 14
the road to hell is paved with good intentions
when do i begin to forgive myself from those i have done wrong
was i a blind youth or am i truly evil
i can only blame myself but i've only followed teen impulses
my heart is not my brain but when do i get to claim separation

can i blame it on my youth or is my youth blamed on me
am i changed or am i stained
vinny Feb 14
flowing smile rewarded
flowing smile rewarded
love life safe eyes soul
ugly life safe myth light eyes smile
motions despise light life soul
pleased soul myth love pleased shadow soul shadow
ugly life safe myth light eyes smile
motions despise light life soul
pleased soul myth love pleased shadow soul shadow
life safe comfort soul
life light ugly safe
motions love ugly soul
soul rewarded soul motions
motions safe flowing life
this IBM was created using an algorithm. It is based off "Fifty-Fifty Clown" by The Cocteau Twins, performed by Cold World
  Apr 2018 vinny
Too many times,
Too many tears,
Too many people,
Too many memories.
When will it end?
When will we be able to leave our houses without the fear of our clothing being sexualized?
When will they realize this isn’t ok?

What does it take?
How many tears,
How much pain,
How many people,
How much fear?

This is for all of those who have gone through ****** abuse of any form.
Us girls need to stand together and speak up.
We need to support each other and never **** shame.
At the end of the day, each one of us knows someone who has experienced ****** abuse or ****.
Me too.
vinny Apr 2018
For Melanie

Together is no more
When supper is simply a food mix
When voice changes are an expectation
When the broken cannot be fixed
And the time spent away becomes a sensation

Together is no more
When vacations are a dread
When the car rides are silent
When the Little League stands are dead
And the heads grow heavier

Together is no more
When the bruises get darker
When fuel comes in glass
When walking home seems harder
And everyone longs for the past

Together is no more
When the therapy is snorted
When the tree gets chopped
When the nerves are shorted
And the cycle cannot be stopped

Together is no more
When a home becomes real estate
When the composure breaks
When the lover is now a mate
And Lucifer raises the stakes

Together is no more
When the candle burns out
When hatred is the only sight
When existence is a doubt
And anger silences light

Together is no more
When unity is tossed
When fear is the only notion
When family is lost
And love is a mere distortion.
This was inspired by the experiences of someone I care for very dearly.

This is for anyone who has family issues, abusive significant others, demons, or silent suffering. You are not alone. There is help out there. It will be okay one day. Never stop believing.
vinny Apr 2018
The winds of change blow through my hair a simple remainnissance
Like the memory of human touch on soft skin
Like the compiled guilt of sin
Surrounded by expectations and failed attempts

The chapter cannot be ended without lifting the quill
Such a fire like this cannot be started without the tense wood
The light cannot turn on without a thousand tries
And even a suicide cannot occur without a craving to die

This is not a white flag nor a
It is rekindling what was once lit
Putting my skills to the test
Because change cannot happen for those who do not persist
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