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mariü Oct 3
I remember falling completely and utterly love in you
after a single poem ( which I still know by hard)
maybe it was because of how you understood what I was going through.
You made me beautiful as you destroyed my illness
I remember hearing your voice while I cried
and seeing through your eyes my own world,
my lost interest in life.
I remember you.
I know you didn’t die even when you tried
but I know that they are only bones alive,
no one is coming home tonight.
please if you are struggling with intrusive thoughts seek help
mariü Sep 13
I think I finally figure it out
why my comfort movies are the ones
full of sickness and love,
the ones that make my eyes puffy
and the tears scroll down my cheeks.
I just want to know
that there is people who love even the sick ones,
the weak and  broken.
I need to know that I will be able to be loved
even when I'm not strong,
when I'm on my knees crying on the floor.
It makes me feel safe knowing is possible I will someday
be hugged with all my broken pieces
mariü Aug 15
I try
I really do
I wanna try
I don’t fail
Not again
Not now
No when I’m someone’s reason to get better
But my head is fighting
I’m fighting
Against me
And it gets blurry
Right now I’m not sure
If I know which side should win
I’m trying
mariü Jun 13
I don’t want to fall in love, not yet.
I’m trying to learn what love is,
I want to love like she did.
I don’t want to fix people
because we aren’t broken.
I’m learning to pick up every crushed piece
and loving every single one of them.
Rather than trying to put them back in their place
Because change happens for many reasons,
being broken and being loved,
but there is not such as being fixed
I hope you understand
that when I love
I will do it right.
Just not yet
mariü May 26
Would you love me if I  gave you my body?
Because my soul wasn’t enough
mariü Apr 20
I know exactly how many calories are in that,
I know I don't look like the idea you have of people with an eating disorder.
I know my thighs touch each other when I sit.
I know sometimes you see me eat.
I know Iḿ not as light as a feather
and that I need both hands to grab my leg.
I know.
But please, don't tell me,
because I'm fighting really hard
not to care about it.
mariü Apr 14
Cry, it’s healthy.
Cry until you fall asleep
Cry while you hug someone
Cry while you read
Cry while you listen to the song that reminds you of him
Cry until they become tears of joy
Cry, it’s healthy
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