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Mrs Anybody Apr 12
no song
seems to
feel right

the song
that makes me
think of you

,your song,
always feels
like home
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Feliz G Sep 2017
Your song,

Can you hear it?

Your eyes,

A sparkle.

The melody of a twinkling star.

Your smile,

A shine.

The lyric of a moonlit river.

Your hair,

A softness.

The whisper in the wind.

Your song,

Can you hear it?
Oh Chelsea, dear Chelsea, will I be able to make you mine? A rebirth of a heartbreak, is what this is.
Zowie Georgia Jun 2015
When we surrender to life without trying to force or control a specific outcome- there's a certain magic that dances around us.
It's as if our lives become fluid and every flowing moment becomes a little miracle again. When we don't allow our spirits to dance in the daily act of living - when we're too busy being busy- too busy being controlled-
We miss out on this dance and its plead for us to surrender to a heart-opening rhythm.
We have to release ourselves, from ourselves and learn to play again.

— The End —