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Jules Oct 2019
What's it like to let me go?
I asked you twice and still don't know
I'd never thought you'd stoop so low
At least I've learned to manage though
All the pain
And all the shame
You put me through
For all my being was never enough
I can't believe I ever had loved you
Why on earth did I ever love you?
Why did I love you?
I loved you
Nina Sep 2019
If my presence
Leave a scar in your heart
Please let me go
So you won't have to torture yourself
By having me around
Jay M Apr 2019
Causing them so much frustration
Wanting me to be their perfect little princess
But that's the one thing I'll never be

Why do they put pressure on me?
Expecting everything to be easy
And for me to be so oblivious to them
What they say
What they whisper
Behind my back

You should love me for being myself
Let me be who I am
It's torturing me
That I can't break free
From the expectations

Not a stranger to the lies
When our eyes meet
I do not wish to be afraid
I do not wish to be a disappointment
Even though I already am

These scars wouldn't be so hidden
If you would just look me in the eye
I want to be safe in your embrace
Not threatened to  be caged
Far from all I know

I am alone
In this house
Barely heard
Tears that cannot drip
Yet crash like rain
A hurricane of pain

The violence causes silence
From it
The ashes stir
Who are we mistaken?

With their words
And their actions
And their lack of empathy
Another will is breaking
Heart takes over

They are writhing in agony
Bottling the truth
And giving it to the ocean
Forever lost
Yet always there
Waiting to be found

Their way
Or no way
Just keep quiet
They won't suspect a thing
When you disappear...

- Emily M
April 22nd, 2019
Matthew Chen Jan 2019
I know it hurts so much
For me to hear you say it
Though I understand you
We must move on by then

It's hard for me to process
But I have to face it all
In order for me to move on
I have to erase our memories together

The first time I met you
It felt like we were meant to be
My heart was skipping a beat
As I approached you with confidence

We began going out in a low-key manner
Still with friends
Getting to know you slowly
And getting comfortable with one another

Until one day
You gave me a text that we need to meet
I felt the excitement jumping in me
Only to find out that it was the complete opposite on that Saturday

You said you weren't ready and we're still young
I told my intentions to you
But that would mostly be the last time I talked to you
And see you

I know that someone else will love you much better than me
His efforts would mean much more than mine
I pray that you'll remember all the good times we had together
And now it's time for me to tell you that it's time to let me go
The hardest thing that struck me about this poem was that we parted ways, and never got in touch. It hurts, but what can I do? It is what it is, and this was after high school/early summer.
MaKenzie Unser Dec 2018
you make my blood boil
my skin crawl
you make me feel like
nothing but bones
i still have my heart
it still beats for you
I hung my feet off the balcony and wondered what it was like to fly,
I wore my heart on my sleeve and wondered what it's like to die,
Baby I'm suicidal and you don't love me,
That's a dangerous mix but who can judge me, 
I'm insane and I'm in love,
I'm trying but it's not enough,
When I look off the edge I'm so tempted to jump,
Cause I'm tired of lying I'm tired of this front,

My knees are always shaking now,
Feels like I'm always falling down,
Am I dying ? No I'm living,
Life is pain, it's unforgiving,
And God I just want to give up,
And God  I've just had enough,
And God this is just to much,
And God that was the last punch,
I've got no more fight left in me,
Just enough self hate to **** me,

And I'm singing please don't help me now,
Not when I'm so close to going down,
Please don't help me now,
I'd rather go down,
Please don't help me now ,
I'd rather go down, oh I'm singing please don't help me now ,
Not when I'm so close to going down

I'm fading fast,
I'm wasting away,
My love will last,
But I can't stay,

So please don’t help me now, not when I’m so close to going down
This is an old prom I wrote about 5 years ago
The dreams,
The ghost of you haunts me every waking night.

Get out of my head,
And let me free.

As I sleep, the fantasy is a paradise,
As I wake, becometh a nightmare, once and overmore.

The memory of it all tears my strung-up heart apart,
Get out of my head....
                    or come back to my eyes.

~Robert van Lingen
Victoria Mar 2018
The pain has begun to burn a hole straight through my chest,
It stings and sizzles as I try to smile, slowly crushing whatever’s left of this thing I call my heart.
The Waves of darkness that wash over me  cause this frail body to shut down, and exhaustion sets in, with the strong girl I once was long gone theres no chance for me anyway.
So please just let the wind sweep away my ashes, and let me finally be what i’ve always wanted to be...

Docink619 Jan 2018
I've been told you have a sweet tooth for revenge.
I have always admired the strength in your fight.
Unlike you, I grew tired of feeling the heat of your blood.
You refuse to be wrong and when the stone finally sails, you walk around with the smell of spite.
You finally won.
I am no longer yours.
That's enough vengeance to last you a lifetime.
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