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Brent Kincaid Dec 2017
Where were you when the good guys lost?
When only bad guys got to score?
What were you doing to help us win the fight
When we needed a few people more?
How did it happen that you were so busy
That you couldn’t come face them down,
And let the people who were elected to lead us
Be rascals crooks and scary clowns?

Were you locked up in a prison someplace
Or in some kind of conflict of your own?
Was there a monstrous family schism happening
That put all else into the Twilight Zone?
Were you unconscious in an ugly coma
Through something horrible done to you?
Were you lost in a desert for a year or more?
Was there some brain freeze you lived through?

What could have been so important to you
That you could let our country go to hell
And fall into a pattern of human oppression
That the **** party did so freaking well?
What kind of earthshaking civic duty did you see
That was more important than our freedom?
What kind of social and political madness was it
That took the place of your sense of reason?

Are you planning to blame other people later
When the country we love falls apart?
Will you point the fingers at the leaders you chose?
And how late will you let that start?
Will it be far too late to stop your chosen lawmakers
From blocking every effort you or I make?
Will you let them swindle, rob and imprison all of us
To keep from prosecuting those on the take?

Where will you be when we try to fix this mess?
Will you be off enjoying wine, women and song?
Will you be in a debauched fool’s paradise when
The last chance for democracy comes along?
Or will you finally do some reading and research
To find out where this country went astray?
You haven't been able to wake and smell the fear.
Maybe you can come to your senses today.
Joshua Hobbs Sep 2017
Drip drip...

Thoughts fall from my mind
And splash in a stagnant bucket...

How long have I been here?
How many times have I looked at your picture?

Drip drip...

I want to Live
I want to Die

I want to Smile
I want to Cry

Drip drip...

Here I lay,
On a throne of Sloth
Forever wishing...

Wishing for the reassurance,
Praying for the motivation,
Waiting for the enlightenment.

Drip drip...

How long have I been here?
A man's mind is an island
Brent Kincaid Aug 2017
I know there are millions of you
That do not want to think about things
Like politics, politicians and rules;
The boring stuff those discussions bring.
You’d rather watch the game and while
You drink your beer and sit and cheer
And love whoever you want to love
And hate who you like to hate and jeer.

Hey Hey Hey

But the big problem in this country
Is that there are people out there
Who will take advantage of that and
Steal every dime you have to spare.
They will lie to you and steal from you
And legislate away your rights gleefully
Because they know what you are feeling
And use it against you shamelessly.

Hey Hey Hey

They are very happy that you don’t
Want to be bothered with all that.
So when this country slides down
Down the tubes we'll all tip our hat
And remind you what you did to help;
You did absolutely nothing. You played
While adults around you did the work.
Now you raise your kids the same way.

Hey Hey Hey
Ksjpari Aug 2017
Of all vice in the world under discipline
Laziness – a Curse - is like a Saccharin.
Sweet as pipe, sonorous as violin
Wicked as a snake, ill-mannered as Bedouin;
Laziness creeps in secretly body within
And remains there undisturbed and akin.
It is seen when duty or slog does spin
Grinds us till in others found Lenin.
But that is a bad time as made us thin.
Hence precaution must be taken, O Kin!
Laziness, a Bad King, should not reign
Over us from beginning to let out jinn.
Of all vice in the world under discipline
Laziness – a Curse - is like a Saccharin.
I am developing a new style of writing poetry where ending words of a line rhyme with one another, at least in last sound. I named it Pari Style. Hope readers will like it. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style. Thanks for your inspiring, kind, soft fingers.
Brent Kincaid Aug 2017
Pity the petty Democrats
As they pit themselves against adults
They fractionate and dissimilate
And blame others for the results.

They blow almost all elections
And sleep through their terms.
Their programs for the country
Are anything else but firm.

Pity the pitiful Democrats,
They defeat their own favorite causes.
For Republicans running for office
It’s like the Dems are Santa Clauses.

They blow almost all elections
And sleep through their terms.
Their programs for the country
Are anything else but firm.

Pity the pretty Democrats!
For all the best of reasons
I call them Dummocraps.
Their strengths are never in season.

They blow almost all elections
And sleep through their terms.
Their programs for the country
Are everything else but firm.
I harp a lot at the Repugnatants because they are such crooks and apostates, but I realize I need to spend some time kicking Dummocrap ***. So here is the first. There will be more because they are incapable of smartening up.
Yanamari Jul 2017
Feelings override all.
Happiness, sadness
And emptiness alike.
Feelings conquer all.

The path of life
Assigned the name time
Is a path constructed based on emotions.
All weave to determine one's path's shape.
Anger and hunger
Sorrow and regret
Love and satisfaction
The cold and darkness
Slowly thinning
One's path
Thread by thread.

Feelings... are all encompassing.
To manipulate feelings is to be manipulated,
And to succeed is to walk filled with it.
Feel free to disagree ✌️
Ryan Hoysan Jun 2017
I have often been criticized for my seeming lack of motivation and drive
But I am content with celebrating beauty as it enters the world
And mourning the same beauty as it leaves this world.
Do not mistake my apparent lack of outward motivation for laziness.
Brent Kincaid Mar 2017
You raised them
You should keep them
And pay all their bills;
What you raised spills
Over into the common weal
And fears become real
As they are ignorant
Greedy and mean
Worst we’ve ever seen
And no hope of salvation
From your creation.

Are you afraid of your kid?
Is that what you did;
Let him or her do whatever
And you never told them
What is wisdom or whim?
Let them do what they please
As long as they don’t sneeze
In church or belch loudly
Then you can go on proudly
Bragging about your good child
Until they run totally wild
And get themselves arrested.
Then your lies are bested
And your laziness outed.
No wonder you pouted.

When things go wrong
You want someone to come along
And take care of things
And pay the fines that brings
Because they are sweet, down deep.
Then you go back to sleep
Because life should be easy for you
And the things your kids do
Are not your fault, so back out to buy
More magazines about movie stars
And slobber over newer cars
And ***** about the schools
Not teaching them the rules
And how to pursue them
Then you go out and sue them
For teaching what you do
And not what kids should do.
. . .

Was it some kind of vengeance from other bites?
Was it laziness or fear to be something special?!
Not good enough to embrace your squares?
I hope at least it fuelled your ego’s edges.

. . .
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