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Melancholicid Mar 2019
Maybe, one day I'll take it by my own but maybe not
I'll go to a place where I'll try to free myself
Away from humanity but one with the nature
“See me nature!”, I would say
I might scream as hard as my throat and lung let me
But I might not say anything
And just stare at my irrational thoughts
As it starts to control everything of me
But I might know it and just let it be
Cause sometimes it’s so easy to let go of myself
Let something else overpower me and I knew it from the beginning
I am always going to be this weak and fragile
If you ever meet me and look me in the eyes
That wasn’t me.

Dear God
When I’ve really done it
As my soul leave my eyes
Could you please let my family and friends know?
Do you feel free?
Melancholicid Dec 2018
I think I could see you but I'm not really sure

I'm learning words but when time comes
I couldn't comfort you the way I wanted to

I really want to say nice words
Even though it's just words
But doesn't most of us are affected by them?

Actions, my actions are they, good enough?

When my laziness shake hands with loneliness
They really create a mess

Mixed emotions

So, most of the time
I would just keep quiet

I don't know what to say
That will get the good reactions

So, I will just keep quiet

I don't know what to say
Even though
My brain are running 60.39 megabits per second
Sometimes my heart beating slowly then surprised me with anxiety rise

This is just my sleep complex.
If you love meteor shower, I love you too.
Melancholicid Dec 2018
Engines noise are singing roughly
In my head
I don't really mind waiting here
Under the hut
My friend already gone home
A while ago

With friend or by myself
The loneliness still loyally greet me
Melancholicid Dec 2018
I had a blast time with you
Some part of me wish
It could be longer
But I totally understand
Why you want to go home
As soon as you can
Cause home is where our comfort is

Some part of me wish
I could make you stay
But we're drenched with sweat
The adversity is laughing at me
I'm really not good at anything
After all

I had a blast time with us
In the end
This is just another fun with you
Yes, I always have fun with you.
Pretty fun
Melancholicid Dec 2018
Here you come
To live another day
God wakes you up to breathe
Don't be sorrowful, dear
Because He is the Merciful One
Connect yourself
With him, all the time
You will survive, live and thrive.
Have a nice day
Melancholicid Nov 2018
Hey laziness, how are you doing?
You know you couldn't lay like that all day,
Gotta do what you've to do.

Hey you, it's okay, it's fine,
Just drink your coffee,
And think rationally,
You won't die today.

Just say okay and moved on,
Smile to them with that cheerful smile you have,
It's alright if they won't smile back,
Cause everyone have bad days,
But nothing lasts.

Even if the pain with every seconds,
Feels like eternity,
You'll survive certainly.
Fun fact : Elephant pregnant for two years.
Melancholicid Nov 2018
The memories of someone
The reminiscence of mine
Panda,  jokes, false love
Childishness and maturity
You are so smart
I am so dumb
Some people said
2012 was supposed to end
End our lives
Yet here I am still reminiscing
Have a nice day ❤️

— The End —