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Beneath the bracing maple tree
Awaits a beau, pursued heart's key

Cold sweaty hands, timid was he
As if he's dosed with ecstasy

To woo this beautiful princess,
Hath played a fiddle effortless

Heart beats loud beneath pastel dress
Mind's been puzzled, soon she'll confess

She don't regret, she won't forget
For that so moment felt kismet

Will they be lovers? Make a guess,
It all depends if she said yes
Let us reminisce and appreciate the efforts of an unfeigned gentleman to win the heart of his fairlady through traditional courtship.

With all my heart I give you "The Suitor", enjoy!
We are kingdoms and oceans apart
Met you in a southeast land
Love united our frozen hearts
I held your caring soul
You accepted me as a whole
Another chapter unfolds.

krstjn (life exp.)
Jesse stillwater Nov 2018
The river forks at big stone eddy
rending currents meandering course,  
its silence speaks not with forked tongue
as kismet's swirling eddies abide
     as if time immemorial;
     a river naturally cleaved
in two separate distinct directions
befallen destiny  without a choice

Spinning round and round in big stone eddy,
time just drifting by in the throes
of doubt — high water rising
beyond the bounds of earth
taking drowning souls up to the sky

Choking on a mouthful of unanswered questions,
suffocating on the parting words left unsaid;
distilling life into poetry hew from being —
trickling out like the spilled out sky —
taken down to the empty riverbed
leave lay' til it's all washed away,
in the music of the pourin' down rain

Freedom embodies metaphysical incarnations
riding the prevailing currents it can't control
Gravity-gathered  down to the shoreline,
manifest reclamation after the deluge,
from somewhere far above the high-water mark

Swallowed by all the darkness woe betides,
thinking you carry such a weight to hold...
It seems all got a handful of sand to toss
up into the wind to seed the clouds
The totality of eclipsing silence grows
that rent the stillness of a dream
of peace on an eroding shoreline

In an Eddy of Expectations & Disappointment
dark waters will ebb and flow,
imponderable as drowning hope,
leaving it all out there to dry after the rain

       believing in your heart —
        the best is yet to come

  Jesse Stillwater ... November 2018
Thank you for reading
Kimberly Nov 2018
Can we love without the tragic
Forget a sprinkling of magic
How about we pour it all out
And be drenched in the rain
Come on lose that pout
Do you believe in fate?
How about we stop trying to think
And soak all that moonlight
Shall we have this drink
Stop trying to make this hard
Unclench that fist on your playing card
Lighten up, you light up
There’s no room for the dark
In this stillness you’re a lark
Come along take my hand
It’s a little mad but let’s fall in love.
How many dreams will I have of you
Before I dream you into existence?
MM Oct 2018
Salamat sa hinanakit
Salamat sa sakit
Salamat sa pait
Natuto akong muling kumapit
Ang mga paa ko ay muling lumapit
At natutunan ko na sa tamang tao, ako ay sasapat

Hindi kailangang ipilit
O sa mabubulaklak na salita ang dila ay magkapili-pilipit
Iaaalay nang buo ang marami pang tula at awit
Sa tamang tao, ako ay sasapat

Hindi na hadlang ang agwat
Mas pinatunayan na walang mahirap basta’t tapat
Ngayon ay maiaalay na ang mga sulat
Sa tamang tao, ako ay sasapat

Hindi kami apat
Walang mga kaibigang sa pagtatago at panloloko’y kasabwat

Malilimot na ang hinanakit
Mapapawi na ang sakit
Mawawala na ang pait

Dahil sa tamang tao, ako ay sasapat
Jonathan Surname Aug 2018
I remember with fondness the last worry worth the strain.
It was between the advertisements bookending the
bus stop bench, and I watched a woman no older than I
cross the street without looking both ways.

I panicked despite there being no speed toward her, and
as rapid as no cars were traveling my heart was ecstatic.
At her carelessness. Peered behind turtle-shell bifocals,
and they weren't rimmed thickly; I hate those. They were
wired, and she tugged my heartstrings. With her joy in pacing.

She met my eyes with her glasses and peered strangely toward me,
a stranger watching her with a knitted brow as thick as the scarf
she wore. She paused on the curb a foot about to lift her up, I
think I scared her. Her lips tugged as her hands stuffed themselves
into her tiny pockets. What are pockets used for on women's pants?
Surely not to look nervous and pull away from the world as mine are.

I almost begged the question to ask for her name, or to be a gentleman
and help her cross the stone-few-inch-threshold that seemed to have
stranded her as wide river from her destination; then I realized if she
could cross the raging streets without the help of even reassurance
then I was nothing but another obstacle.

She smiled.
I stared.
And off she went, and I watched her still.
I thought, "If she turns around to look at me, I'll wave her down.
I'll ask her name. I'll pour myself out,
even foolishly."
Her grey knitted cap, of which I am sure hid a knot worth untying,
turned and I saw her profile as her peripheral scoped the last remnants of her
I lifted my hand toward her, and flicked my wrist.
She stopped.
And so did my heart.
a chance taken
Jester Andre Jul 2018
Of all the billion people in the world
It truly is such an
That I got to meet you;
Falling so deeply in love
like falling on the deepest
abyss where I could no longer
escape alive;
I can't help but think
it's the universe's fault;
As time and space themselves
and all the star dust conspired altogether
just for our story to exist
and for our
to connect
for all
First poem to publish (/≧ω≦)/
Marg Balvaloza Jul 2018
Sinong mag-aakala
Na doon, tayo ay magkakakilala
Una kang masilayan,
Wala akong ibang naramdaman
Sa gilid ng aking mata
Ika’y aking nakikita
Halos magkatabi
Iisang upuan lamang ang pagitan.
Sinong mag-aakala na tayo ay iisa;
Iisang Diyos pinaglilingkuran, iisa ang pinaniniwalaan
Sabay umawit, nagpuri sa Panginoon
Na alam nating tapat mula noon hanggang ngayon.
Sinong mag-aakala na sa paglipas ng isang linggo
Sa dating lugar, tayo'y muling nagtagpo
Walang muwang, mga hakbang ko'y patungo pala sa'yo
Labi nati'y ngumiti nang ang mga mata natin ay nagsalubong.
Lumipas mga araw,
Ika’y akin paring natatanaw
Nakasama, nakausap, at higit na nakilala
Ikaw ay maalam,
Nabigyan ng kakayahan
Magsalita, mangusap tungkol sa katotohanan.
Sinong mag-aakala na damdamin ko’y makukuha mo
Ang aking atensyon ay hindi na maialis sa’yo
Sa bawat salitang lumalabas sa bibig mo,
Tila ang tinig mo’y nagsisilbing musika sa pandinig ko.
Sinong mag-aakala na ika'y gugustuhin ko,
Makasama sa tuwina,
Galak, tanging nadarama
Tunay nga’t ang pinagsamahan
ay hindi nasusukat,
sa kung gaano na katagal magkakilala.
Sinong mag-aakala na hanggang ngayon ikaw pa rin ay kasama ko
Sa panahon at oras na minsa'y gipit na gipit na ako
Tinuruan, nag-iba ang pagtingin ko sa mundo
Naging positibo sa lahat ng aspeto.
Sinong mag-aakala na ikaw ay aking makikilala
Landas na nagtagpo nang dahil kay Bathala
Panahon ay susulitin, hindi mamadaliin
Upang sa huli ay hindi tayo mabitin!

"Sa gilid ng mga mata tinitignan kita."
Can't believe I met you exactly a year ago and I'm so happy to say that I'm still with you. For more years to come! Thanks for the companionship. I'm going to keep it, just this way. // 04.03.18
Penny Iloa Mar 2018
Roses may be red.
Irises, somewhat blue.
Her smile is my favorite;
Quite a luminous view.
A golden heart is rare, indeed!
Where true beauty bare, without heed.
Simply divine; to witness a miracle in how her eyes continue to shine,
Despite life's painful past time.
Plenty of Fish in this ravenous sea,
Only few fathom the depths of Kismet's decree.

Shall I accept my conflicted dare?

To ignite a fire, of which, both we share.
Oh, Earth Angel, how I wish it could be,
Yet, Father Time is against me, three!
I wish you well in all your endeavors;
I have placed you in my heart, my darling,
as a priceless piece of treasure.
If someone should break your precious heart again, I will **** their *** up and still be here till time's end.
Thank you for reading. My darling couldn't wait for me to wake up...but she knows I'll be waiting.
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