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Sarah Lane Jan 2021
I’m walking on my failure
Like the water in the sea
Out there I see my Sailor
He is calling out to me
All I need is meager trust
That His grace won’t let me sink
On His boat is written Just
No water removes that ink
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020
Tell me,

what are the things that fascinate you most?

Things that make your eyes sparkle aglow,

that soothe your awry, unrest, stirred soul.

Some are fascinated with their fiery, burning passion of life,

and some others are fascinated with their own death.

I am one of the latter.
Since you're too heavy, it's almost a joke to hang yourself, Shannon. Find another alternative.
Your love feels right
The night is just right
Because we both have brown eyes
I see yours are darker

As I scour through the layers for hours
Redness of your cheeks make them beautiful
Its the simple act of loving someone
That makes me feel so good about brown eyes

When I wanted to have hazel ones
That look purple in dawn
Green in the seaside house
Blue in the reflection of the water

I look deeper into those tiny irises
My sun rises and sets in them
We share the whole day, lost in an embrace
Held by a stare, arms around each other

Wrapping our love in our heads on the first date
I dare you, to love someone like I did you on the first kiss
First Date of my life
Julie S K Oct 2020
Sweet treats just for me
I need to get some money
Sweets, they are not free

Sweets treats just for me
To the shop, I run so fast
Don't stop to think, go

Sweets treat just for me
Eyes look through the glass
Curly wurly yum

Cola bottles yum
Sherbert dip is so delish
Too much sugar, sick.
having a go at writing  a  Haiku poem, never tried before so forgive the mistakes.
Douglas Greene Oct 2020
Just wanting to reside,
a life with no complications,
Not a life with free rides,
or without death and frustrations,

Just a life with reason,
Deserved rewards without rupture,
Just something worth keeping,
I just want guidance and structure...
Raven Blue Sep 2020
Just let your tears fall down;
And infused the warmth,
Into the prison in your heart.
Free yourself and never drown.
Ces Sep 2020


Tint Sep 2020
It sat upon a wooden piece
the cushion there is none
ate with silverware
but just bare hands
and tasted wine
of the lower class
a canopy is where it slept
in a blancket made of scrap

it shed a tear
thinking of why
the only rich it has
is a black device
that had the world
which has the love
and a million thoughts
of what could've

It wants to hide
beneath these scar
cursing the clouds
for being hatched
in a world in where
A star is bright
but it is just dust
and nothing much.
Just dust
Mrs Anybody Aug 2020
just once
i want to be
the one

just once
i want
someone's eyes
to light up
when they
talk about me

just once
i want
my feelings
to be
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