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Alice Feb 2021
Here's my sorry take it from me thousands miles away
Hide it somewhere none of souls can find that treasure.
You're the only reason why my heart's in prison beating in the ache.
Isn't it depressing when all of the pressing star rolling my way.
Alice Feb 2021
I realized I'm in love when I weeped all day,
Analyzing last phrase "We'll never meet again".
Happiness's still happiness even for a second.
Guess we were given hearts for someone come and break 'em.
How could u think I'm perfect, when all your saw was blur.
Im shocked that ur so evil without a good boy fleur.
Cant stand pathetic letters and all your fictional thoughts.
U showed me kinds of magic, than left nothing but ache and dust.
Life is wonderland full of my friends and I'm the maddest hatter.
Though I would be a good girl? *****! My trump card is vendetta.
Stop to behave yourself that way, i am wild cat that can't be tamed.
You're smart enough to understand I can't be blamed for who I am.

Go ahead find a reflection at the pupils of my eyes.
Don't u see the devil that cut me hundred times.
No, I dont wanna hurt u. U know that we allies.
But I cant take no more of it. The weight is too upsized.
All I need is you to talk with me.
Tell me what u think we are could be?
Trust me saying I need u close, I love u back we both got lost.
Now all I want is you to talk with me.
Alice Dec 2020
When you lose someone world seems so unfair
Few secs, stone cold face my sunshine is not there
You start appreciate right just when it's gone
Go on loving right now, from the dusk until dawn
I swear nobody loves you like I do
And if I could, I'd give my life for you
Even though my heart breaking apart
I keep repeat a poem that i know by heart
I know, I swear I'll meet you
Somewhere, but not here
One day i will hold you
With cold but loving hands
Moments from the past you feel like they shoot
All that pics from cellphone flying in your thoughts
Different lines from songs runing through your brain
Though now u can't breath, I keep whispering i love u again an' again
Alice Dec 2020
Well, one day it had to be happend to us, anyway
I've heard someone once said it's better sooner than later
It slowly became a torture that hunted me day by day
And anotherone person said it's better later than never
You should know I won't be here in the time when you need me
Cause I dont wanna deal with people like you
Again filled with disappointment, cause you don't want to hear me
Just look at the things that you say and than look what you do
Once you asked me about why didn't I told you
Now as we both can see you don't need my advice
10 years is what it takes for me to find out it was false not true
Finally the curtains're closing just want to say goodbye

— The End —