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Feb 2021
I realized I'm in love when I weeped all day,
Analyzing last phrase "We'll never meet again".
Happiness's still happiness even for a second.
Guess we were given hearts for someone come and break 'em.
How could u think I'm perfect, when all your saw was blur.
Im shocked that ur so evil without a good boy fleur.
Cant stand pathetic letters and all your fictional thoughts.
U showed me kinds of magic, than left nothing but ache and dust.
Life is wonderland full of my friends and I'm the maddest hatter.
Though I would be a good girl? *****! My trump card is vendetta.
Stop to behave yourself that way, i am wild cat that can't be tamed.
You're smart enough to understand I can't be blamed for who I am.

Go ahead find a reflection at the pupils of my eyes.
Don't u see the devil that cut me hundred times.
No, I dont wanna hurt u. U know that we allies.
But I cant take no more of it. The weight is too upsized.
All I need is you to talk with me.
Tell me what u think we are could be?
Trust me saying I need u close, I love u back we both got lost.
Now all I want is you to talk with me.
Written by
Alice  18/F
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