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Its funny how crushes work
You just see a cute person
You like what they post
& BOOM! Imaginary wedding
I mean I wouldn't go that far
But **** Imma shoot my shot
& If that doesn't work, then I guess I'll let it go

Its when ya friends start crying about how cute they are is when you really realize you like them..
Like uh ***** when I liked him he "wasn't that cute" Now he is Michael Ealy in a Magic Mike scene

Funny how crushes work
Funny how you're jealous when none of you really has his attention
Girl, you still got time to shoot ya shot
You deserve to have fun
Let me tell you about this fine, chocolate boy
skin darker than Hershey's, teeth whiter than baking soda, & girl, he looks good in everything!
I can remember meeting him on one occasion but he will argue that its 2
1 whole year of madness and I am still in love with dude

Let me tell you about this fine, chocolate boy
When I see him out my heart just skips
I feel like I am still trying to win him, slowly playing my poker chips
Its like I haven't already snatched him & claimed him as mine
I'm still trying to impress him, I do all the time

Let me tell you about this boy
His skin so soft and so smooth
I get chills when he runs his hand up my side & kisses my back
When he ***** on my neck, I am most likely to drown
He smells like my favorite things-- Cologne, Henny, & Crown

Let me tell you about this chocolate boy
I'm so desperately in love
I want to be his first & only everything in the world
I want to be his first wife
I want to carry his first child
I want to be with him forever...  I know yall think that's wild!
The season she came
The reason she left
2 things that were all for the best
I loved her
Then I hated her G
Just like a fall breeze
She came beautifully
But she was cold
Way too wishy washy
She was here & then she was gone
Somewhere moved on
I wish her the best
I pray for her to get better at certain things
Because she is such a special Autumn breeze
Poem 6-- Relations
Like clockwork we would sit at the same table at 4am
Her, fresh of work. Me? Mind on 10
Crazy cause she was my best friend
Within a short year that came to an end
Allowing others around was more my thing than hers
My heart just held love more openly than hers would ever admit
I always find myself back at that IHOP table
Remembering every detailed conversation, every argument, every tear, every realization
I know it was real
I felt it
The world is selfish
& I learned the hard way that
good things don't last forever
Poem 5-- Relations
Have you ever felt yourself self destruct?
Killing your insides with the drinking & the drugs?
Can you even stand to look at yourself sober?
Given your all to help others get over?
Have you ever loved something so much,
That it hurts with even the slightest touch?
Has someone ever lit a flame within your soul?
A flame so powerful, you couldn't think to control?
A flame that has the tendencies of a wild fire...
Growing & growing, burning everything in sight.
A flame that makes it confusing to decipher wrong from right?
A flame so blinding that the sun has to hide...
Do you know what it feels like to watch that flame die?
Well just look me in my face, you can tell by my eyes...
He knew the difference.
He knew what was wrong & what was right...
I told him long ago, don't play with the light.
He didn't care... he knew it wasn't right
He still lit the match & watched the flame ignite.
I've never met someone quite like you
I've never been more attracted to a face like yours
Most of all
I've never fallen in love with a soul until I found yours
I'm sure you've never known a girl like me
Beautiful but filled with insecurity
On fire yet so meek
Strong minded but so sensitive
Never mistake me for weak
I enjoy your company
I love the feel of your body next to mine
I try not to get so down when you disappoint me
But I have nothing to do when you aren't around
I've never loved a soul quite like I love you
I just wish you saw it
I wish you could see how hard I am trying to be everything you desire
I never ask for too much because I don't want to put that pressure on you but its you
Its you I want to grow old with
Maybe a child
I could not imagine loving another
Because no one is quite like you
I really hate that I get so sad...
Words just cannot describe the ache I feel when I get this lonely...
Oh, how I miss the presence of my lover...
I miss the smell of his cologne...
The sound of his voice...
The taste of his chocolate skin...
How handsome he is...
But most of all...
The feel of his hands on my skin...
Why must I yearn for someone so much?
He is this giant piece of me...
When he isn't around I just feel so broken...
Who is he to walk into my life & mean so much to me?
I love him so much that when I think about it...
I get this overwhelming sensation...
Its a wonderful feeling...
Like diving into a swimming pool of love...
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