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Lot Oct 2019
Whoosh, there goes my heart,
down into my chest
Whoosh, there goes my stomach,
sinking to the earth
Whoosh, there goes my steady knees,
shaking like a tree,
Whoosh, there goes my bated breath,
carried by a breeze
The big sink is always there when you care to think
Anxiety? Who's she?
The good. The bad. The ugly
All happening in the same location
My bed was taken
Preoccupied by sweat
The bed wet
I have a hot box
I'll rock your socks off
But only if I like you
I'll get some head but you gotta be good
Men made me hate ***
Too fast. No pleasure
I don't like to feel rushed
I like it slow, hard, rough
Choke me while you slide it in slow
Do your best to let me know
Own this cat
Not too many can do that
Only 2 have proven that
But I took Miss Kitty back
She straightened up real fast
Now she hasn't had that
Jaw dropping, leggin popping
Ouuu can I have your babies?
Nah, keep that ****** on daddy
I ain't tryna be crazy
Knock out ***
Make sure I walk funky for 2 days
I've had a lot of ***
I've been high from it
Some might call that addiction
But it has to be the right person or its a waste of skill
I want to showcase this pornstar worthy talent
With someone who had magic to share with me
I want to be pretzelized
Push my legs back as far as they will go
Make me feel it in my stomach
Eat my car until tears of pure satisfaction leak from my eyes
Sensational ecstasy 10x
It's magical . As it should be.
Poem 7— Self Preservation
Sarah Elizabeth Oct 2017
I think
The definition of being
"Emotionally Unstable"
Is dropping a pencil on the floor
And wanting to cry
Because of the pencil falling
But the irony
Of how you are able to pick up an inanimate object
But unable
To pick up yourself

It is
Reading a book
Looking at the words
Not truly seeing them
Rereading the first page
100 times
Hoping to find the meaning
That your life
Seems to have lost

It is
Dropping things for no reason
Because you're too numb
To feel your own fingers
But feel too much
To let go
And forgive yourself

It is
Worshipping the hands of the clock
Like a savior
As if every passing minute will bring you to a better future
Not realizing
that every passing minute
Is a vice
That never seems to loosen its hold
On your consciousness

It is
Writing poetry
In hopes
That one day
You will better understand yourself
Through words on a page
Than through your own mind
That you will no longer be a subconscious stranger
Occupying your own thoughts
And misleading
The girl you wish to be.
Today I almost started crying In class after dropping a pen on the floor. It made me realize that no matter how long I ignore my feelings, they will never ignore me.
Simon Obirek Oct 2015
Welcome to the other side;
lust over love
we struck a dead note and
we're capsizing your boat.

You're lost
coughing and wheezing;
shivering and freezing
come through the smoke
and to the other side.

School's out
it's all pills and heels
blurring faces and nightlife lights.
i Apr 2014
my smeared eyelids
from my black eyeliner,
are slowly closing and dropping,
all because i want to live in
a dream, in a world,
where you are mine,
and i am yours.

— The End —