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mjad Oct 2017
he does not know
how soft his lips are
how tender pressed against mine
how the corners of his eyes crinkle
when he shuts them to put his face onto mine
how my lipgloss leaves sparkles on his nose
how his eyelashes tickle my cheekbones
all these little things he does not know
he doesn't know how much I love everything about him
cait-cait Jul 2016
don't cry,
little me...
youll shed your calloused skin
one day,
hatching out of
your candy-wrapper cocoon
of dreams and ribbon in
               and pink,  

give your jaws a rest,

undo your sewn on smile,
with your
skin collapsing on
your cheekbones and
empty eyeholes,
tired, and d u s t y

you will be fine.
your heart will still be broken, but bigger me is fine. based on coraline. **** everyones boyfriend tbh

— The End —