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Zero wazhere Sep 2016
My house is burned down, nothing but a charcoal mound,
There is gas on my hands, and matches in my pocket,
But i don't remember doing this, it must have been a spark from the socket
My mother was in there, my father too,
The firemen tried, but could only save one thing.
It was in my father's closet, it must have once been shiny and new,
It was a gift for me, a silver dagger
Looking at it made me madder,
The hilt was melted a bit.
My sanity leaves and hides in a pit
“Son” i thought i heard my father,
But it was an officer, in my grief, i stabbed her
It felt so good,
If i could do it again, I would
And i will, but first
I need to hide, before i fulfill my thirst
Zero wazhere Jan 2016
I see you and I see a mix of thousands of emotions trying to get out, but all that you can manage to show me is your depression. You are an amazing woman, you put on a smile all day and come home trying to resist the urge to cut. And I'm not much help, I can only text you every so often and I can't talk to you face to face and show you what I feel for you. I'm just one of the small emotions swirling in the mass of them in you head and heart.
Zero wazhere Dec 2015
While most kids spend their lives on face book I'm spending mine on hello poetry
Zero wazhere Dec 2015
I had a friend since third grade. A friend who will remain nameless for the sake of a promise.
She was my best friend
With adventure never to end
Until she left for a new adventure
Then I had a new state to venture
Until we decided to get in touch
But maybe it was a little to much
When we decided long distance
She was my existence
But then she told me her story
And though it was a bit gory
It made us closer
But I felt like a poser
When I couldn't talk
I had to walk
With the thought
That it was heartbreak I taught
Until I sent her a text
And then a next
Trying to get back what we had,
Hope, but the attempt was bad
Cause she told me we were done
But in the long run
I miss her
Zero wazhere Dec 2015
Im not a flirt, sure I flirt but I'm not a flirt I just want you to like me although next year you'll go to another high school

I'm not a flirt I just use humor to make you smile

I'm not a flirt I just drop off hints to see if you feel the same

I'm not a flirt I just enjoy poeming about you
Zero wazhere Dec 2015
I thought of what skill I'd want to have, I thought maybe I wanted to have a musical talents so I could sarenade you in song. Then I thought maybe poetry so I could win you over with words as sweet as honey. And as I kept thinking I pictured my self with the skill of running fast so I'm their as soon as you need me.

But now I'm sitting here with no skills writing words you will never read.
Zero wazhere Dec 2015
We are the extras the under rated, we are the ignored but the never to be forgotten. We are the rebels the outcasts.we are the ones who stand to the side and watch. We are the quiet ones, the shy ones. We are the loud ones, the obnoxious ones. We are the round pegs in the square holes,
                                                We are the misfits

— The End —