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Vexren4000 Jul 2017
A wall of flame,
Was it formed by man?
Or of nature,
Did time flow away?
As the flames consumed our lives,
The wall of flame burning so hot,
That even the ocean did not halt its path,
The sun will one day,
In the distant future,
Turn on its child,
The Earth

Nikhil Khandekar Aug 2015
My thoughts bear me back
I can hear self speak
To mediocrity n’ tack;
Horror, how my words leak!

Hear me dish out
What I was handed
My worst - Infernal spout -
The vermin banded.

If I do live in me mind
What Paradise I expect to find?
Despite the daughter, my sole joy, laughter
What! Must my body travail
From rafter to rafter?

Then again, vermin mill round
I tap away, coroner profound
Jinsen Jeanne May 2015
For every dream you held
Bite once the metal rod
For every life believing what you said
Tighten it
Tighten the screws to your head
For every night you slept
Soundly, oblivious
For every light you didn't know you held
Tighten it
Tighten the noose to your neck
If you dream
Past this point
No solace lies
See the face
Of honor
Twist into a knife
The external
Infernal force
Will leave you empty
Innards on the asphalt
Appalled and
Bleeding on the fault line
All night
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
She is the Devil
Standing in the Doorway
Constantly reminding me
of the Debt I've yet to pay
She looks like Heaven
Divine and Catastrophic
Hellcat and Rogue Apostate
Tells me,
"There's Hell to Pay."

Gotta find a way
Gotta get away
I'm in deep too and there's Hell to Pay

She is Satan in a Red Dress
and Six-Inch Stilletto Heels
Crimson-Colored Lipstick
With matching Sharpened Nails
Her Clawmarks in my Skin
Remind me every day
That my soul belongs to Her,
and there's still Hell to Pay

Gotta find a way
Gotta get away
I'm in too deep and there's Hell to Pay

She is the One Unholy
She is the Queen of Time
Her Love Burns on Eternal in the Furnace
of my Mind
My Spirit is her Claim
From now until the End of Daze
Ours are the Hearts of Evil
And still there's Hell to Pay

Gotta find a way
Gotta get away
Running outta days until there's Hell to Pay

Leviathan Cross
Forever in Her Flesh
Her Eyes, Ablaze with Hellfire
Gaze into the Abyss
No Matter how Savagely
I Ravage Her and Damage Her
She always Returns
for yet another Massacre.

Gotta find a way
Gotta get away
Running outta days until there's Hell to Pay
A little Faustian lust poem while everyone's still in the October spirit.
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
In every one-word world, exotic spaces' gradual state of life proclaimed as a melon . As the urges to divide the pleasures of the infernal forth from the happiness which has closed in to the square-shaped restless less rolling boxes. And what the treat is if all of the souls from the cypress take the higher breaths of the shrew and belabor them unto the points of humanity, uncivilized humanity that is quite bountifully.

During this autumnal abscission where the alizarin and pallid arms and edges, crooked and afraid, steep in the sullied tatterdemalion and the mysophilia that emimart

— The End —