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Róisín Mulliez Mar 2019
A tender voice.
Dulcet tones reach tingling ears.
I soak in the details no one else hears.

Teasing blue eyes
A secret song

Unpinning my heart,
- In a flash it was gone.
Aaron LaLux Feb 2019
At the Indigo getting into it with an Indigo,
in Tulsa or at least en route after one more round in LA,
stuntin’ in The Land of Abundance all real no frontin’,
can get anything I want except getaway,

and this all feels totally cliche,
spending time but got no time to waste,
already at redline trying not to flatline,
catching up to made up deadlines and keeping pace,

trying to lose the stress without losing my mind,
trying to win the hearts and convince the minds,
trying to do everything without having to try,
only do and do not do you like you buy,

welcome to America,
consumerism on steroids,
where we empty our pockets to fill up our closets,
empty hearts with souls for sale anything to fill the void,

everything that was ever made sacred was destroyed,
now we’ve got black artists on the radio making white noise,
where are our idols how are we supposed to look up to anyone,
but sometimes I feel like there’s no escape and I have no choice,

so I buy in in order to not be left out,
get the girl get the clothes get the hotel room,
but really I don’t feel like any of this is mine,
plus I’ve got a place to be so I should go soon,

so long farewell,
I bid you my Love good day,
but before I go let’s go one more round,
for Old Time’s sake before I make my escape out of LA,

at the Indigo getting into it with an Indigo,
in Tulsa or at least en route after one more round in LA,
stuntin’ in The Land of Abundance all real no frontin’,
can get anything I want except getaway…

∆ LaLux ∆
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
Allow me this moment to laugh
To scoff
My victory is keen
You lost in the dark
I want to hurt you
Because I love you
I want to **** you
Because I love you
It was so easy
You were such weakling
I came right in
And shot you out
I want to hurt you
Because I love you
I want to **** you
Because I love you
And when you're dead
I will be back
Together, I'll thrive
If my depression was sentient and had a voice, we would be entangled in a tragic Shakespearean romance.
Atomika Jan 2019
Spectrum of possibilities come into my sense
The sky widens and something changed
As if some catalyst came and commenced
An opportunity to broaden one's range

I peek through the window as if a bewildered fool
A chance of redemption as I used such a tool
The passing-by of something spectacular couldn't be missed
As the sun's rays  dim and it together with the Earth, kissed.

I could have dreamt of much more
I could have walked further than the door
But fear crept in and I hesitate
Taking my time to let the colors gravitate

But dusk has already arrived and it's time for my slumber
I did what I can, I did what I could muster
The moon shines bright and I bid adieu
For I am Indigo that shone my love for you
I tried mixing it some metaphors with my common writing style. I think it went well, but I want to gather everyone's opinion in this one. I am back due to finishing DDLC Purist Mod, again, that game just kept me going with more poetry..
Luna Jay Jan 2019
Indigo child
Hair flowin wild
I ask you to stay
And you disappear awhile.
Indigo lover
I don’t want to smother
I’ll stay away,
My heart breaks undercover.
Indigo go
I go solo
For a man who doesn’t want me
Frisky; I glow ***
Indigo mild
Your words are filed
In my head as I please.
Will I cross denial?
Indigo other
From another mother.
You make it hard to say
Do I love you only as a brother?
Indiglo bo
Loves me more, tho.
He loves to eat
And the love game is a low blow.
ghost queen Jan 2019
there is hope
like a rising sun
on a distance horizon
lighting up the morning sky
pushing the darkness aside
melting the clouds away

the rays warm my face
coaxing a smile
squinting my eyes
i take a breath, savoring being alive

the sky is blueing deeper, clearer
morning haze is lifting, disappearing
life is awakening, stirring, moving
the beauty is overwhelming, awe inspiring

i see anew, with an indigo eye
things i’d sensed but never knew
i feel too deep, intuit too much
beheld as a curse, repressed, suppressed

i burned, screamed, fell into ashes
my soul lay fallow, quiet, healing, waiting
resurrecting from cold dark depths
heart beating, eyes opening, arms reaching

vindication from self doubt
forgive me Cassandra, Cairn, Mother
i weep, openly, proudly, for your grace
it is the 9th and final gift
indigo flower photos
Shannon Soeganda Nov 2018
Twin Flames;
The Runner,
and The Chaser.

I will come to you,
as much as our souls will
find the way to one another.

After long gone apart,
to mature before the
Alchemical Union.

I will find you;
in Divine Timing---
with His Divine Intervention,

we will reunite.
She is The Runner and I am The Chaser.
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
Beyond the horizons of my perception,
truth merges with its shadow
to form the stellar dust that settles on my soul’s stillness.

Webs of galaxies dance to a mesmeric melody
rising from the depth of a prismatic dream
that carries the script of my being.

Mystifying strains of awareness permeate my soul,
I become an enigma buried in the mystery of my genesis.

At the crossroads where the gods stroll,
the indigo mist etches the mark of eternity
on my soul's forehead
for me to stroll along with the gods.
Andy Felix Jul 2018
The water of the indigo river rushing, singing to the city to be clean and clear
Rapids flying, and from the sky falls crystals that wash over us all
Like seeds from the stars
The river with turbulant energy crashes through the land cutting its own path as if with a fine tuned consciousness
Shifting paradigms
Some fear, misunderstand and reject the river
Yet it cannot be contained by concrete dams
It sees through the facades
Sheding light with keen perception
Finding insight in solitude from the world around
The indigo river holds many secrets
Like an old soul still whispering to the spirits of days long forgotten
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