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Rose May 2020
I couldn’t find
any words in the thesaurus
all I came up with
is you smell like ****** porridge
Rose May 2020
Dinner is served
I didn’t make it
But I watched you do it
You like us in the kitchen
At least I think you do
You follow me here so now I’m following you
I want to say I’m sorry to be sad
You should only see sunshine
Leaves turning green and white flowers that grew overnight
Rolling thunder overhead but only for a moment
It passes but it shook us
I think if we practice our patience we can survive this
All we have to do is breathe through the spring

I’m a little bit scared of what’s after
Rose Apr 2020
Your sweet fingertips shine
We watched the day go by at night
Caught stars and hung them inside
And now
We’re on the other side of the peak
I’m in love with you so let’s take our time
Rose Mar 2020
I want you
And your abductors to
Choke me till
It’s tomorrow
Rose Feb 2020
Love, a desert sun
It’s starting to burn
I’m getting thirsty

I want a love like
Margaritas in the summer

We woke up in a pool of blood
My blood
“Our blood.”

On Valentine’s Day,
I wore crotchless lingerie
Because I’m tired of staining everything
Rose Dec 2019
Do me this favor
Just for nowwon rof tsuJ
You don’t have to stick around
But just be by me through this
I’m fragile -not for much longer-
But for now

I wish you could see the words, silken like skin on muscle, on bone, on soul
So much more than what we know

Chew them like lunch
I’d like to take them out

I imagine a stairwell
Twisting sharp and cold
A song we don’t quite know
Downstairs you find
those who never say goodbye
Outside the dirt keeps drying
I was so brave through all this.
Rose Aug 2019
Her fingers that are so lovely
I wish she had one more of em
Lovely like honey
Her fingers slip and slide
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