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Rose Feb 8
Love, a desert sun
It’s starting to burn
I’m getting thirsty

I want a love like
Margaritas in the summer

We woke up in a pool of blood
My blood
“Our blood.”

On Valentine’s Day,
I wore crotchless lingerie
Because I’m tired of staining everything
Rose Dec 2019
Do me this favor
Just for nowwon rof tsuJ
You don’t have to stick around
But just be by me through this
I’m fragile -not for much longer-
But for now

I wish you could see the words, silken like skin on muscle, on bone, on soul
So much more than what we know

Chew them like lunch
I’d like to take them out

I imagine a stairwell
Twisting sharp and cold
A song we don’t quite know
Downstairs you find
those who never say goodbye
Outside the dirt keeps drying
I was so brave through all this.
Rose Aug 2019
Her fingers that are so lovely
I wish she had one more of em
Lovely like honey
Her fingers slip and slide
Rose Aug 2019
I want a boyfriend who’s going to read my poetry!
I don’t want him to be mean
At least he never is to me
But I’m happy he has thoughts
About my poetry
About the giant baby taking over my bed
About her dad who fights for the space in my head
About the job I barely have
It’s two jobs it’s two jobs I barely have

He’s 50/50

I don’t want him to be mean
At least he doesn’t seem so to me
I wish he’d read my poetry

I’m sorry if it misunderstood you
I’m sorry if it hurt you
It never meant to

I wish you would read my poetry
Rose Aug 2019
Just close it down
And shut your eyes darling
Boys will really break your heart blah blah blah
Don’t we ever get tired of the same narrative
I miss typing on keyboards and picking up speed
Holding down caps lock
I relinquish
all my *****
to you, breeze

These kids these days‘ve got nothing

I’m sad for them but ain’t it something
Our moms feel the same about us
Our moms feel the same about us
Like no matter how much they gave
It wasn’t enough
All they could do was teach us us teach us

This is how you get a sore tooth
If you’re gonna hold it
Might as well hold it till it wins
I wish there was a way to share a picture of this with you
Rose Aug 2019
I’m safe
    Home alone
       Doors locked
Are you???
  Last night I dreamt on the couch
          Neck crooked
                   Body spent
  I woke up to your fingers fondling their way
                         From the outside in
“For ***** sake,” I said,
                                         “Just wait.”
   Slid the chain
and stumbled my way
Turn key, it would seem
thank you for pausing to read
Rose Feb 2019
Oh well we’re here already again huh?

Sure didn’t take you long.

Have you ever thought about how maybe there’s other people in the world maybe your life is not torn between these two guys that are kind of the same but in different ways:
maybe maybe just maybe you are the scissor and they are opposite sides of the string and all you really need is a fat ******* blade.

It’s not like the Spice Girls said at all

never was

they just did that for popularity.
“need some love like I never needed Love before”
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