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Monet Echo Sep 2018
Some people say that they see God.
I don't understand. How can that be?
God is not a physical person,
He's greater than any entity.

Some people say that they hear God.
I don't understand. How can that be?
His voice is too vast and mighty
To be tuned to a small enough degree.

But now that I HAVE seen and heard,
I know the truth behind these words.
The truth that all of the earth
Shows His Glory and sings of His Worth.

So go outside and listen.
Look around and see
The beauty of Creation
The wonder of His Majesty

I see Him in the fiery sunrise.
I hear Him in the laughing Lamb.
I feel, in every breath of wind,
The presence of the great I Am.

The beauty of a flower.
The detail in a leaf.
The indescribably complex order
That makes up every animal and beast.

Some people say there is no God.
I don't understand. How can that be?
I have no doubt that He exists
Just by looking at a budding tree.
I am religious (obviously). So this poem reflects a bit about my journey in Christianity. I will probably share several poems on here that are Christianity focused. I don't mean to offend anyone by anything I say in any of my poems. I hope those of you who share my faith enjoy this, and I hope those of you who don't find it at least interesting! :)
Spirit and matter
The light and the dark
left and right brained
the Ying and the Yang
an outspoken mute
a chaotic plan
mortal and eternal
a pacifist Warrior
ambidextrous hands
A foot on the ground
A head in the clouds
Silence and sound
A teacher a pupil
Reserved with no Scruples
A genius a fool
slave and the master
man I am God
feline and dog
reason and Insanity
A well planned Calamity
E McNamara Apr 2018
I scream at her.
I tell her she's ugly
And too loyal,
That she doesn't work hard enough.
She is not enough.
She is nothing.
I wail at her
That she is too open,
Too soft,
Too forgiving.
That everything she gets
She deserves.
I scream awful tears and hit her.
She shatters-
I stare at my bloodied hands and broken mirror.
I am nothing.
Part 2 will be about gaining confidence. :)
-Relatable Mar 2018
if my body were a house,
the walls would be falling a part.
DeAnn Mar 2018
I am afraid of letting go
And losing control

I am afraid of being happy
Of waking up wanting to start the day
Of accepting myself for who I am
Of losing the motivation for my art because I’m no longer so sad and alone
Of losing the bubble I created for writing since I have no one to turn to
no one to talk to
no one to belong to

I am afraid of being

I am afraid of the potential I possess
I don’t mean to sound arrogant or proud
Because I’m not

I am just me


I walk around the halls sheltered and afraid
Afraid of the people I see around me
Every one of these individuals has a hidden talent,
A secret,
A love, A vice,

And what do I have?
Just me.

Mikayla DeAnn.

If I am not walking with a false bravado
Shining plastered smiles to hide my fear
I am invisible
I am shoved

Mikayla DeAnn Kay

I am afraid of letting go
If I let go, I am letting go of the control I possess,
My only vice
I am letting go of the years of “you’re not good enough”
The years of “you’re not pretty enough”
The years of “you’re not skinny enough”
The years of “you’re not worthy”
The years of “you do not belong”

Mikayla DeAnn

I want to shine
I want to smile
I want to make others happy without losing pieces of myself
I want to be confident in what I like
What I wear
What I desire
I want to feel whole
I want to be seen

I want to become… no

I am

rosecoloredpoet Feb 2018
I am
         am I?
e J Feb 2018
I am a paper girl with words on my skin and ink in my veins
I am a open book with stories to be told and secrets inside
I am a god of words with rhymes in my heart and a healing song
I am a comforting touch with a soft hand and a light peck on the cheek
I am a poet and with passion I enlighten the world with my resolution
Who am I to you?
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