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Lieke Jan 26
After the sunset I hide
Nothing can hurt me there
No tears to be shed
No flesh to be torn

The castle shields me from the war
Prevents me from hurting
Even if just for a little while

The castle is what I love most
Kissing the dark of the sky
Dancing in the moonlight
Even if just for a little while

Making me look up from my scars
Getting me to dwell on the little piece of life left in me
In the castle, I am alive, I am home
Even if just for a little while

When the sun goes up
I have to return
To the **** I was born in
Getting beaten to filaments

All the hate flows back in me
Insulating me
Dragging me down deeper and deeper
Burning me to ash

In the dark heat I long
To the cherry nights under the stars
And in the dark paradise I prance
Under the bright glazing sun
4 January, 2019
Talia Sep 2018
You kept on dreaming on what we could've never been.
I was forced to live in your lewd fantasy,
but alas, I fell in love the moment you took me in.
Your love for me was pure insanity,
but I must say I had more than one doubt.
You invaded the seams of my white satin dress,
tearing it apart piece by piece, dragging it to your lustful hideout.
Who knew taking one's innocence would be such a mess?
Ash Feb 2018
There’s something about the heat.
The familiar sting on my skin that makes its way up,
Boiling heat that creeps through my veins and fills them up, up, up.
It heightens my senses,
It’s a breath of fresh air after almost being drowned.
The steam that clouds my vision to the point where I can’t remember a time when I didn’t live in a summer fog.
And I’ve never even liked the summer. The sun can go and **** itself for all I care.
What I like are saunas, gas lit stoves, fires, boiling water, matches, artificial heat, steaming showers, candles, body heat in a cold room.
Showers most of all, though.
So warm and wet that the mirror steams and your skin gleams.
Heat: it’s rising higher and meeting the burning tug halfway.
Redness surrounding my eyes, harsh against the plaster coloring of my cheeks.
A kind sort of fever, a comforting sort of fever.
A fullness that pools in all of the dips of my body: cascading warmth.
There’s something about the heat.
Flo Jan 2016
Isolated in a small mountain range
This is my hideout, my saving shore
This is where I grew up way before
Nothing here ever seems to change

Hills and valleys taking their turn
Meadows and creeks filling them out
A wonderful scenery there is no doubt
Laying in grass without concern

A small mountain range
Hidden inside the heart of Germany
A name most have never heard certainly
It's too little to be known, how strange

It's quite pretty here
A place where the air is still pure
Silence and nature, a stressed minds cure
A perfect place to disappear
Everyone has that place where they can go, when life goes stressfull. A familiar place, used as a hideout to escape our common everyday problems.
b May 2015
We used to have a hideout,
I remember the pathway like the back of my hands
The road, the mushy feeling i used to get when I drove to you,
It feels like the ground is trembling beneath me,
do you know how it feels?
living by feeding off your memories?
that one sided love,
that constant eye *******,
how you made me feel,
how you brought out the best of me,
I wonder who ****** it up,
me or you?
but you know what, I guess it doesn't matter since..
its beyond fixable to this stage.
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
I hide myself                                                                                                             Beyond those crossing clouds                                                                                  Simply because it's my temporary domicile                                                          Over there ...                                                                                                             I hide myself                                                                                                             In a spider's web                                                                                                       Simply because I feel it good for some time ...                                                       I hide myself                                                                                                             Inside a shell                                                                                                              Simply because I love to be there ...                                                                    I hide myself                                                                                                         Inside a grain of sand                                                                                           Simply because I feel better ...                                                                             My house is merely now                                                                                   An **** tent that smells nasty and                                                                     I feel cold over there ...                                                                                         It's me located anywhere and everywhere                                                         like any piece of rock or a piece of stone ...                                                        It's me missing in this world's sufferings and pains ...                                       Loss accompanies me and its shadow                                                                Prey on me ...

— The End —