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A B Perales Dec 2019
Living every hour
wide awake,
wired and full
of other peoples pills.

Desperate for some
other place that's
far away from here.
I Luv L.***
Martin Narrod Apr 2016
White bird
Half Intrascope
Alerted by fire
hypnotic Sapphire Realm
Shifting Snow Shape starling
In this for that for This
Chirp Chirping
In Deluxe stereo
Daylight reliefs, lights of my ethereal France

Dance, dancing
Like soldiers, rock rocking
Heavy, eiderdown beaten Shadows
In temporary ride
Into temporary flight
Taylor Aug 2014
I’m from perfect weather
From sand between my toes and long times spent outside
I’m from streetlights calling me in for dinner
Im from the smells of ocean salt and chalk dust

I’m from black hands from the asphalt
I’m from scraped knees
I’m from the neighborhood pool
I’m from the surf city

I’m from California

— The End —